How to make fritters from sour milk

How to make fritters from sour milk

Sour milk can become a basis for fast home-made pastries. The simplest option - fritters. They can be done with eggs or without, to add the cut fresh or dry fruit, vegetables and even meat. Fritters give hot, together with sour cream or other sauces.

Magnificent fritters without eggs

The fritters made without eggs turn out very air and gentle. Give them with sour cream, honey, jam, fresh fruit or just strew with icing sugar.

It is required to you:

- 1 glass of amasi; - 2 glasses of wheat flour; - 1.5 tablespoons of sugar; - 0.5 h spoon of salt;

- 1 h soda spoon; - vegetable oil Pour out amasi in a bowl, add salt and sugar, carefully mix. Pour soda. It isn't necessary to extinguish it - amasi neutralizes soda smack. In the portions pour a sifted flour. Knead not too dense dough.

Warm vegetable oil in a frying pan. Spread in it dough, forming round or oblong fritters. Fry them to a ruddy crust, and then turn. Don't cover a frying pan, otherwise fritters won't be magnificent. Put ready pastries on a dish. Serve fritters hot together with sweet additives - jam, condensed milk, honey or syrup.

Fritters with strawberry

Gentle dough for fritters is perfectly combined with a slightly acid flavor of strawberry. You can use a frozen berries, but fresh strawberry will be much more tasty. Ready fritters can be watered with condensed milk, to strew with icing sugar or a tax to them sour cream with sugar. It is required to you: - 1 glass of amasi; - 2 tablespoons of sugar; - 0.5 teaspoons of salt; - 1 egg; - 2/3 glasses of the cut strawberry berries; - 2 glasses of wheat flour; - 1 h soda spoon; - vanillin pinch; - vegetable oil. Mix amasi with egg, sugar, salt, vanillin and soda. Then pour flour and add strawberry. Fry fritters in the warmed vegetable oil. Before laying out a portion of the test for a frying pan, mix it as berries will fall by a bottom. You watch that fritters didn't burn.

Fritters with meat

Rich dish for a breakfast or a dinner - fritters with meat. They should be given with sour cream and hot tomato sauce. The dish has to be hot - the cooled-down fritters are much less tasty. It is required to you: - 1 glass of amasi; - 1 egg; - 2 glasses of the sifted wheat flour; - 1 h sugar spoon; - 0.5 h spoon of salt; - 200 g of ready forcemeat; - vegetable oil. Shake up egg with salt and sugar, pour in mix in amasi. Add soda and flour. Knead dough and let's it stand a little. Fry forcemeat in a small amount of vegetable oil, having seasoned it I will merge. In a separate frying pan warm oil and lay out in it several flat cakes from the test. Let's them grab a little and on everyone put on a forcemeat spoon, slightly trampling down it. Wait until the bottom side of fritters blushes, and turn pastries. Finish a dish until ready, spread out on the warmed-up plates and give.

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