How to make proteinaceous cocktail of the house

How to make proteinaceous cocktail of the house

If you intensively do sports, then such drink as proteinaceous cocktail, will become for you not only tasty, but also useful. Its preparation doesn't require many ingredients therefore such drink is considered very economic option.

The proteinaceous cocktail made in house conditions is not only nutritious drink, but also tasty delicacy for an organism. Also this type of cocktail is very popular among fans of sport, especially with bodybuilders as it promotes fast accumulation of muscle bulk, growth of bones and restoration of an organism after the training.

Essential ingredients of proteinaceous cocktail – cottage cheese, milk, eggs. The berries or fruit rich with various vitamins will be excellent addition. However drink should be taken only in a day diet as the cocktail drunk for the night won't bring any useful effect. The optimal variant is to drink cocktail in the morning or before a training.

How to make house cocktail

The main advantage of preparation of proteinaceous cocktail in house conditions – a possibility of the choice of natural ingredients. Though it is also possible to make drink with use of a powder protein. Everyone defines usefulness of any given option for itself(himself). One more very important advantage – economy of money, purchase of specialty protein cocktails not so cheap pleasure. The blender will be excellent help for preparation of cocktail. At its absence it is possible to use the mixer or a grater.

Recipes of proteinaceous cocktails

For those who decided to make proteinaceous cocktail in house conditions the selection of some recipes is given below. At the same time you shouldn't forget that the recipe of cocktail can be thought up and independently. If drink turns out high-caloric, it should be warmed up before the use. Recipe No. 1razvedite in 0.5 l of milk 2-3 teaspoons of powdered milk if there is no this ingredient, excellent replacement can become proteinaceous powder. It is necessary to add 100 g of cottage cheese to the turned-out mix and carefully to mix everything. Ready mass has to be homogeneous in contents. At a final stage it is possible to add some berries or syrup. Recipe No. 2vzbeyte one crude egg also add to it a little honey, about 1 tablespoon. In the received mix it is necessary to pour in 200 ml of kefir and to add grated walnut. It is possible to sweeten cocktail by addition of a small amount of ice cream or syrup. The recipe No. of 3vozmite 0.5 l of baked milk, add to it 250 g of cottage cheese and a pinch of oat bran. Mix should be shaken up carefully by means of the mixer before receiving homogeneous mass. Linseed oil in number of one teaspoon will serve as a final component.

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