How to make red caviar sandwiches

How to make red caviar sandwiches

Caviar sandwiches, especially if they are issued originally, are capable to decorate any holiday table. There are many variations of sandwiches with caviar, however options with butter, cream cheese and mayonnaise are the most widespread.

Before starting cooking of sandwiches, make sure that at your disposal there is a fresh long loaf and caviar and also additional components in the form of a desi, cream cheese, greens or other.

How to make caviar and butter sandwiches

This type of snack is classical, it is good the fact that its taste on temper most of both adults, and children, and for its preparation needs the minimum quantity of products.

It is required to you:

- long loaf;

- bank of red caviar;

- 1/2 packs of a desi;

- greens (for ornament).

Cut long loaf across on not thick pieces. Smear each piece with a small amount of a desi (that this procedure took place quicker, let's oil lie down at the room temperature a couple of hours or use special sandwich-type oil, but without various additives). From above on each piece put a tablespoon of caviar and properly distribute it on a sandwich surface. Decorate with greens.

How to make caviar and cream cheese sandwiches

If you love cream cheese, then this recipe for you.

It is required to you:

- 8-10 slices of long loaf;

- three-four tablespoons of red caviar;

- 100 grams of cream cheese;

- 8-10 cleaned shrimps;

- 30 гр a desi (for roasting);

- fresh branches of fennel.

Shrimps boil in salty water, cool and clean. Fry each slice of long loaf on the one hand to a golden crust, using a desi for frying then on not fried parties of bread smear with quite thick layer cream cheese. From above on cheese lay out on a shrimp and a teaspoon of caviar. Decorate sandwiches with fennel.

How to issue caviar sandwiches for New year

If you wish to decorate a New Year's table with sandwiches, then they, naturally, need to be issued at first beautifully. Quite interestingly snack which have the original form, for example, of a star, a circle, a triangle, heart look. Try to make such sandwiches, especially as it becomes simply and quickly, especially if for cutting figures from bread to use forms for cookies. Not less attractively on a table the sandwiches executed in a certain composition look. Try to create composition of ""bee"". For this purpose you need a red and black caviar. First of all make sandwiches, and in conclusion on each slice lay out caviar strips, alternating black and red. In general, there is a lot of options of registration of sandwiches with caviar, dream up and at you original sandwiches which will add your holiday table surely will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team