How to make sour watermelons

How to make sour watermelons

Fermented ripe watermelons have unsurpassed taste. There are several recipes of their preparation. At the same time it is possible to make sour watermelons both in bank, and in a flank. Anyway they surely will be pleasant to you.

Fermented watermelons in a flank

For preparation of fermented watermelons in a flank you will need the following ingredients: - salt — 2 glasses;

- watermelons — 10 pieces; - water — 10 l.

At first it is necessary to wash out carefully watermelons, but use for fermentation only those which have the small sizes – up to 4 kg. Cut two of them on segments. Then wash up carefully a barrel and lay in it watermelons. Between them spread out segments, they in the subsequent will start up juice. Will occur it in several days. As a result watermelons will be made sour in actually juice and will become very tasty.

Be engaged in brine making. Take water and stir in it salt. Warm up it a little, then leave to infuse for 1.5 hours. Fill in with a ready brine watermelons in a flank. From above cover them a linen rag, wooden and a natural stone. Surely within the first month open a barrel. Get a rag from it and wash out. Watermelons will be ready in 3 months.

Fermented watermelons in bank

Not everyone has an opportunity to make watermelons in a flank. Therefore an exit one – to make sour them in a usual 3-liter jar. On it the following ingredients will be required: - watermelon (average size) — 1 piece; - salt — 4 tablespoons; - water — 2 l; - sugar — 5 tablespoons; - garlic (head) — 1 piece; - fennel — 0.5 bunches; - parsley — 0.5 bunches. Carefully wash up watermelon under flowing water. Then cut it on pieces which thickness has to be about 2 cm. Wash out greens under water and small cut. Garlic needs to be peeled from a peel and a peel, and then to crush. Wash up a 3-liter jar, on its bottom lay out a part of greens and garlic. Then take several pieces of watermelon and accurately place there. Further the second layer of greens and garlic, and then again watermelon keeps within. Thus arrive until all components end. Start brine making. Put sugar and salt in warm water, carefully stir all this. Fill in a ready brine in watermelon, cover to bank with a plate and from above put some small capacity, for example, a pan with liquid. A peculiar press which will allow well will be framed it prokvasitsya to watermelon and won't allow liquid to pour out from banks. There is such dish it will be possible in several weeks. Previously it is recommended to mature fermented watermelon in the fridge within a day. Then its taste will become more saturated.

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