How to peel drinking water

How to peel drinking water

Information on what it is impossible to trust water quality from water taps - weight. And, if still some two decades ago we opened mouths from amazement when learned that in the West people buy water long ago, then today this fact surprises nobody at all. Now vending machines of water became habitual, practically at all offices use bottled water and in personal houses too. However more often media dazzle with headings about fakes and falsifications of such water. But if not to trust the tap water and also bottled and sold in booths, what to do?

It is required to you

  • Household filters;
  • Silver products;
  • Activated carbon, shungit;
  • Freezer;
  • Wild-growing plants


1. Silver. Water purification by a room method in it a silver subject is known long ago. However experts note that water thus isn't purified, and is disinfected. These are two different things. That is silver will kill microbes and bacteria, but won't save from harmful impurities. And the surface of the silver product placed in water has to be rather big (a thin ring it is unreal to process a 10-liter bucket of water). And most important: physicians are still not sure of advantage of the oxidized "silver" water since such water can be contraindicated at some diseases.

2. Household filters. The most widespread and optimum way of water purification. All – under your personal control, is also full confidence that water is purified. What is important upon purchase and use of such filter? It is important not to save. If you don't change the cartridge on the filter in time, all hazardous substances which he undertook, giving you a clear water, will once be splashed out in it, and you, without having noticed it, you will quietly drink this "cocktail". Of course, if you are people disciplined and you will precisely carry out the instruction, i.e. to change cartridges in due time, such trouble won't occur. It is and still better to stop the choice on the multilevel system of water purification of a reverse osmosis (though it is many times more expensive than the household filter by the principle of a jug). At it there are several filters at once, each of which carries out the role - from removal of rust and colloidal particles before filtration at the molecular level. As the water conditioned by such installation can not arrange only one fact – the system together with pollution deletes also all useful minerals. In fact water becomes almost distilled or as speak, "dead". Here to choose to you – or to continue to drink tap water with all its "delights", or to use the water deprived of useful substances, but absolutely harmless and safe, and useful minerals to gather additionally from food.

3. "National" ways of water purification: - by means of activated carbon which is off-the-shelf in pharmacies. Throw coal into tap water at the rate of 1 tablet on 1 liter of water, let stand within 8 hours. Coal will incorporate some toxic agents, from water the metallic off-flavor will disappear, it will become toothsome. Change tablets after each water drain; - by shungit which is on sale in pharmacies. Previously wash out mineral under flowing water, then fill up in capacity and fill in with the amount of water specified in an insert instruction. Let's infuse within a day. Loss of a deposit in the form of flakes, colloidal formation, etc. of Shungit – the natural adsorbent absorbing biotoxins, pesticides, heavy metals and radionuclides and also other impurity which can be in water is possible; - by freezing. Put the container with water in the freezer (in the winter on a balcony/loggia). When water stiffens, get from the fridge. Heat a thin needle on fire and pierce ice into which water turned. For what to do it? Usually in the middle the small group of ice remains liquid – in it all hazardous substances which are contained in water are collected. It should be merged. Thaw and use the remained ice to destination. Melt water is suitable for drink. Moreover, it is extremely useful and even helps to get rid of some diseases. - if you are in a campaign or the will of a case appeared in the area which is far located from a civilization and at the same time you finished a water supply, can help out herbs. Dig branches of a wild-growing rowan, birch, grass of a train, a St. John's wort and nettle, lower in water and leave for one or one and a half hours. Filter. Water will be suitable for application. If you are going to drink it, and not just to cook on it food, it is better to boil in addition.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team