How to pickle in vinegar

How to pickle in vinegar

The meat, bird or fish prepared on coals have special aroma and taste. In many kitchens of the world — Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Dutch, Georgian and others — the dishes prepared in such a way are considered as festive. On a threshold the summer, is time trips to the nature and cheerful picnics. And the shish kebab will be the main course, of course. The easiest and reliable way to pickle meat in vinegar.

It is required to you

  • meat (fillet) - 750 g
    • onion - 500 g
    • table vinegar
    • pepper


1. Cut meat large pieces, lay in a pan layers. Stacking meat in a pan, pepper each layer, and water with a small amount percentagetable9 vinegar.

2. If you prefer a shish kebab with onions rings, then cut onions rings and lay it between meat layers. Add more vinegar.

3. Pickle meat in vinegar for the night. Place a pan with marinade in the fridge better. Too long it isn't necessary to keep meat in vinegar, it will lose softness and juiciness. If you have not enough time, then it is enough to take meat in marinade about three hours, but at the room temperature.

4. It is possible vinegar. Vinegar can be diluted with water in the ratio 50x50 or even slightly more.

5. If you didn't manage to pickle onions, put ware with onions on a plate and bring to temperature of 80 degrees. The onions made thus will develop a necessary taste in 5-10 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team