How to learn to ride the bicycle

How to learn to ride the bicycle

The bicycle is the excellent vehicle which is very mobile and not expensive. It is possible to go by it for work, going round infinite traffic jams, or on the nature in the company of friends. Options weight. Besides, bicycle walks are excellent means in fight against weight reduction. However it is impossible to estimate all these pluses if you aren't able to ride the bike.


1. The main is to adjust the seat correctly. It is necessary in time to lean the leg on the earth. You have to adjust so the bicycle that you had no feeling of discomfort. Stock up with protective clothes: oversleeves, knee pads, dense sweaters and trousers. Choose old clothes which aren't a pity for throwing out. Choose the platform for trainings. It is the best of all if it is the place with not friable earth as wheels won't stick in it.

2. At first you go without use of pedals. It is necessary to feel balance. Put the left leg on the earth, and right on the bicycle pedal. The leg which costs on the surface make a start, and relax another and don't use absolutely any efforts. Try to pass so as it is possible further, without bending sideways. The wheel doesn't need to be turned out. The balance is maintained by your body, but not this control element.

3. You pass to the driving. When you get on the bicycle, the main thing – don't panic. Just relax your muscles. Distribute body weight on four points – on legs and on hands equally. The movement of parts the body has to happen smoothly, without special breakthroughs. Very important role in deduction of balance is played by eyes. There is no need to watch to themselves the step, look forward, only forward! The brain itself will regulate balance concerning other venues.

4. To learn to ride the bicycle it is necessary only on the plain and direct surface. To turn out the wheel there is no need. When you eat, don't strain the muscles. Relax, you don't press on the pedal very much, raise the head up, but you hold the wheel strong. If you are going to turn, then you shouldn't pull the wheel sharply. Slightly turn the case and the wheel. And one more important fact: too fast driving the bicycle demands certain skills and knowledge, too slow driving the bicycle complicates balance deduction. It is necessary to go on average pace.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team