How to decorate festive cake

How to decorate festive cake

Cake, perhaps, is one of the main jewelry of a holiday table. And tasty home-made cake especially will be pleasant to guests if the hostess shows imagination and originally will issue it.

It is required to you

  • For marzipan:
    • – 1 glass of almonds;
    • – 1 glass of sugar;
    • – 0.25 glasses of water;
    • – 3 drops of almond essence;
    • – 1 tablespoons of cocoa powder;
    • – icing sugar;
    • – food colors.


1. Select ornament for cake depending on cake layer type. Cover lungs and gentle sponge cakes with magnificent oil cream, boiled condensed milk, a chocolate cover, whipped cream, berry or fruit creams. Air yogurt and cheesecakes decorate from above with berries, fruit and nuts, fill in jelly. Fat oil cream will add to light cake of caloric content.

2. Cover sand cake with boiled condensed milk, proteinaceous cream or dense jam, confiture. You shouldn't fill in such cake with a chocolate cover, otherwise it will become dry. Strew cake from puff pastry with pounded nuts. Decorate ice-cream cakes with jam, chocolate, fruit, pounded cookies.

3. Use for decoration of cakes bright fruit and berries – bananas, a kiwi, strawberry, grapes. Tinned peaches, apricots, pineapples will also be suitable for this purpose. Previously bake apples and pears in an oven or the microwave oven. From above decorate fruit with a chocolate cover or whipped cream. Pour fruit and berry jelly on molds. After it hardens, decorate with jelly figures a cake surface.

4. Fill in festive cake with chocolate. Knife chocolate and heat on a water bath to full dissolution. Apply the kindled chocolate on a cake surface by means of the confectionery syringe. Use dark and white chocolate for ornament. Draw on strip cake, circles, cages.

5. Make marzipan. Lower the crude almonds in boiled water for 2 minutes, cast away on a colander. Wait so far nuts will cool down, rind with them. Wash out almonds and fry it in the heated dry frying pan of 10-15 minutes. Then crush almonds in the blender. Fill in sugar with water and heat until syrup thickens. Put almonds in syrup and heat 4 more minutes, constantly stirring slowly. Pour in almond essence.

6. Shift weight to a plate, cover with food wrap and cool, and then miss via the meat grinder. Powder a cutting board with icing sugar, lay out on it weight and roll with a rolling pin. Add food colors at will. Create various figures from the received marzipan weight and decorate with them cake.

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