How to soak a hare

How to soak a hare

Meat of a hare is ready for thermal treatment not at once. Not accidentally up to the 19th century it wasn't eaten. To what to begin to extinguish or fry a hare it needs to be soaked previously to get rid of specific smack and a smell.

It is required to you

  • carcass of a hare
    • vinegar
    • sunflower oil
    • roots of parsley and celery
    • 1 carrot
    • 1 head of onions
    • garlic
    • salt
    • black pepper
    • fragrant
    • bay leaf
    • 1 pack of sour cream (250-300)


1. Some recipes suggest to soak a hare at least day in cold water, vinegar or kvass. It is only possible to cover a carcass with vinegar, without lowering it in a brine and to sustain thus two days. However there are also recipes of more difficult marinades. They not only will remove an unpleasant odor and smack, but also will prepare meat for the subsequent preparation of the most tasty dishes.

2. Take a carcass of a hare and wet in a big pan with cold water. It is better to begin it to do in the first half of day. Till evening of a hare it is necessary to wash as often as possible a baking plate with flowing water and to fill in a new clear water in a pan. For the night wet a carcass with specially made marinade.

3. For marinade take a pan. Pour in it on a glass of vinegar and sunflower oil. Add two glasses of clear water. Well wash out and clean roots — a celery and parsley. Too put them in a pan. Also clean carrot and onions. From spices marinade will require bay leaf, allspice and black pepper, preferably by peas. Salt marinade. At addition of spices be guided by the taste, but, as a rule, they are put more that marinade was sufficient spicy.

4. Now put a pan with marinade on fire. Bring it to the boil and set aside aside. While marinade cools down, take care of a hare. A sharp knife cut a hare carcass. When marinade cools down to room temperature, put in it a hare. It is necessary to soak a hare in such solution about 12 hours

5. In 12 hours it is possible to start actually preparation of a hare. As a rule, the hare is extinguished or baked. Often he is trained with addition of sour cream for giving to meat of bigger softness and tenderness. The hare cut on flank steaks put in a pan with a thick bottom, add salt, pepper to taste and small cut garlic. After pieces are fried, fill in a hare with a sour cream pack, part with a small amount of water that didn't scorch and you extinguish on slow fire about two hours. When meat becomes soft, switch off fire.

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