How to prepare an Easter cake with an orange dried peel

How to prepare an Easter cake with an orange dried peel

Easter cakes are a product from a yeast sweet dough. A large amount of sdobyashchy substances (sugar and fat) slows down activity of yeast. Therefore it is better to cook dough on Easter cakes in two steps, adding a desi to already fermented out dough.

It is required to you

    • On 10 Easter cakes weighing about 200 g
    • for the test:
    • 1 kg of flour;
    • 5 pieces of eggs;
    • 250 g of milk;
    • 350 g of a desi;
    • 200 g of sugar;
    • 50 g of the fresh yeast pressed;
    • 20 g of salt;
    • 200 g of raisin;
    • vanillin;
    • dried peel of two oranges.
    • 10 pieces of baking dishes;
    • desi for lubricant.
    • For ornament:
    • protein of one egg,
    • 3 tablespoons of sugar.


1. Prepare raw materials for the test. In advance lay out oil from the fridge that it became soft. Warm up milk to 40 wasps. Part yeast and sugar regarding milk. In the remained milk dissolve salt. From two oranges accurately that the white cover didn't get, remove a dried peel by means of a small grater. Touch raisin and wash out. Sift flour.

2. In flour pour in milk with the dissolved ingredients, add some egg and knead dough. Knead dough within 15 minutes until it doesn't become completely homogeneous and smooth. Leave for fermentation for 2 hours, having covered ware with the test food wrap from a zavetrivaniye.

3. Add the softened desi, vanillin and an orange dried peel to the fermented-out test. You knead dough of 5-7 minutes, then let's it rest in bed 5-10 minutes and divide into 10 equal parts. Spraining edges of each piece of the test down, form balls. Spread out semi-finished products in the oiled forms, moisten a surface with water and a rasstaivayta of 40 minutes till 1.5 o'clock. Time of a rasstoyka depends on temperature indoors and qualities of yeast. Preparations have to increase in a size twice.

4. In advance heat an oven to 250 wasps. Before pastries plentifully moisten the surface of preparations with water from a spray. In 5 minutes after the beginning of pastries reduce oven temperature to 180 wasps. Pastries time in total 20-25 minutes.

5. Take ready Easter cakes from forms. For ornament beat egg white with sugar in viscous foam. Apply foam not a surface still of hot Easter cakes and let's dry up.

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