How to prepare shell macaroni products with mushrooms

How to prepare shell macaroni products with mushrooms

Big shell macaroni products or konkilyon as they are called in Italy, prepare with various stuffings. This nourishing and not too troublesome dish which is not dull variation of usual pasta. Refresh the habitual menu and make shell macaroni products with mushrooms in gentle sauce béchamel.

Shell macaroni products with mushrooms in sauce béchamel: recipe


- 200 g of a konkilyona (large macaroni shell macaroni products); - 250 g of champignons; - 1 bulb;

- 100 g of a hard cheese; - 10 g of parsley; - salt; - 2 tablespoons of a desi; - vegetable oil; For sauce: - 3 tablespoons of a desi; - 2 tablespoons of flour; - 2 cups of milk of 2.5-3.5% of fat content;

- 0.5 tsps of salt; - on a pinch of a black sprinkling pepper and nutmeg.

Instead of fresh champignons the frozen product quite will approach. In this case buy cut mushrooms at once that, without defreezing to send them to a frying pan.

Wash up mushrooms, dry and cut with small slices. Clean a bulb, cut on quarters and thinly chop. Warm vegetable oil in a frying pan. Fry in it onions to softness and transparency, constantly stirring slowly within 3-4 minutes on average fire. After that add to it sliced champignons and prepare everything together 7-10 minutes. Salt and pepper a stuffing to taste, remove from a plate and cool. Boil water in a pan, add some salt and lower in it dry konkilyon. You cook so many minutes how many it is specified on packing, usually this time is 8 minutes. Don't forget to stir slowly pasta that they didn't burn to the ware bottom. Shift them in a sieve or a colander, wash with cold water and water with vegetable oil that didn't stick together. Stuff each shell with mushroom subfrying approximately on 1 tsp. Grease with a desi a heat resisting form and lay in it the prepared products "shutters" up.

Shell macaroni products with mushrooms in sauce béchamel: preparation

If in sauce béchamel nevertheless lumps were formed, wipe it through a sieve or a gauze after cooling.

Make béchamel. For this purpose put a stewpan on weak fire and kindle in it a desi. Pour in the small portions flour, continuously stiring mix with a wooden spoon or a scapula. Slowly pour in milk and properly stir everything that there were no lumps. Increase heating temperature, bring sauce to the boil, you boil thoroughly and weary 5 more minutes on weak fire a little again. Season it I will merge, pepper and nutmeg. Warm an oven to 180oC. Mix white sauce with the crushed greens, fill in with it the shell macaroni products filled with mushrooms and put them to be baked for 20 minutes. Grate cheese on a small grater, evenly strew with it almost ready-to-eat meal and send it to reach in an oven for 5-7 minutes emergence of a brown crust. Divide hot food into 4 portions and give on a table.

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