How to prepare toasts with cheese

How to prepare toasts with cheese

Toasts with cheese - a fast and tasty dish for a breakfast or a dinner. They can be prepared in an oven or to roast in a frying pan. Add cheese with spices or decorate products with pieces of vegetables, so the dish will be even more appetizing and useful.

Toasts with cheese and beer

It is required to you:

- 6 thick chunks of white loaf;

- 3 tablespoons of a desi; - 250 g of not strong cheese; - 0.5 h spoon of chili powder; - 1 tablespoon of sweet mustard; - 2 vitelluses. Fry slices of bread on both sides to a golden crust. Kindle a desi and mix it with the cheese grated. Pour in beer in mix, add the shaken-up yolks, chili powder and mustard. Pound everything in homogeneous mass, for this purpose it is possible to use the mixer. Warm up a cheese curd in a stewpan, without bringing it to the boil. Grease with mix fried bread and lay out them on a baking tray. In the oven warmed up to 200 wasps prepare toasts before formation of a ruddy crust. Give, having decorated with fresh greens.

Toasts with mozzarella and tomatoes

This tasty dish in the Mediterranean style needs to be eaten hot. Its main charm consists in contrast between gentle mozzarella and garlic bread with a crunchy crisp crust. It is required to you: - 4 slices of tostovy white loaf; - 100 g of mozzarella; - 1 garlic glove; - 1 tablespoon of a desi; - several leaflets of a basil; - 1 large ripe tomato; - salt; - fresh ground black pepper. Cut garlic glove in half and rub with it bread pieces. Then oil them on both sides and fry in a frying pan to a ruddy crust. While bread is roasted, cut mozzarella and tomato equal circles. Lay cheese on bread, atop place tomatoes, salt them and a sprinkling pepper. Decorate toasts with leaflets of a fresh basil and give immediately.

Toasts with cheese and bacon

This dish can be served as hot appetizer or a main course for a dinner. Instead of bacon use the slightly smoked gammon - the taste will turn out excellent too. It is required to you: - 125 g of cheddar cheese; - several feathers of shnitt-onions; - 1 small bulb; - 250 g of the fast bacon sliced; - 150 ml of low-fat cream; - 6 chunks of branny bread; - fresh ground black pepper. Roast bacon in a dry frying pan to a crunch. Small cut onions and redden it on the fat melted from bacon. Crush cheese the blender, chop shnitt-onions and lay out it to cheese. Add the fried bacon and onions, pour in cream. Pour mix in a stewpan and warm up. Redden slices of tostovy bread in the toaster. Smear on them a cheese paste and give. At will toasts can be reddened in addition in the oven warmed up to 200 wasps.

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