How to sterilize the jars for winter preparations

How to sterilize the jars for winter preparations

House preparations allow to diversify the winter menu. Begin to preserve from preparation of a glass container. Carefully washed out banks, large bottles, bottles will surely sterilize. Depends on it, canned food will be stored or will dim, "will blow up".

How to sterilize the jars the ferry

The purpose of sterilization is to kill the microorganisms living on the surface of glass. Under the influence of temperature above 100˚C they perish. It is possible to sterilize empty jars in different ways, the most popular, perhaps, sterilization of cans steam.

3-liter jars can be steamed over a simple (not electric) teapot. Heat a teapot to boiling, remove a cover, to insert into a neck to bank. Boil 20-25 minutes. The double boiler or a pan on which put a lattice will be suitable for a glassware of the smaller size, it is possible to take from an oven, and on it establish banks. Now it is possible to buy in shop special nozzles on a pan with one or several dredging.

Time of sterilization of two-room flats of 15-20 minutes, liter 10-15, half-liter 10 minutes. Along with banks boil in cover water. The sterilized banks put on a towel upside down that steam drops flew down. Covers are put inside down. If not to move a container, it keeps sterility up to two days.

Sterilization by water

Easy way of sterilization of cans – steaming by hot water. Advantages of a way: it is possible to steam at the same time many cans, bottles of the different size. The clean container is filled with boiled water on 1/3, it is possible on a half. Cover with covers and leave while water doesn't priostynt. Then water is poured out, banks overturn and allow to dry out.

Small jars can be boiled in a pan with water. The bottom of a pan is covered fabric, stack banks, filled in with water. The pan is closed a cover, bring water to the boil and "cooked" 5-10 minutes, depending on the container sizes.

How to sterilize the jars in an oven

It is convenient to sterilize the jars in an oven, the volume of a container depends on the cabinet oven sizes. Banks establish in a cold oven, on a lattice, by a neck down. Covers without rubber strips are put near banks.

Expose temperature of 120 ˚C as soon as the oven heats up to the necessary temperature, install the timer: for 1.5-liter cans – 20, for 1-liter – 15, for 0.5 - 10 minutes. Take out banks in 5-7 minutes after the oven is disconnected.

The correct sterilization of cans in the microwave

Modern way of sterilization – in the microwave. To pour into banks a little water and to put in the SV-furnace. Three- and two-liter to lay sideways. Expose the maximum power and turn on the furnace for 3 minutes. Sterilize covers separately in the boiling water.

The hot steamed banks can be filled with products and to close canned food. Yes, small council: at sterilization of cans it is necessary to be careful, to have near at hand tacks, nippers to get covers from boiled water.

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