In what products there are a lot of fats

In what products there are a lot of fats

Practically all products incorporate any given amount of fat. Strangely enough, but even carrots and apples contain a little this of a component. It means that fats represent the major battery. However, among them there are both useful, and harmful versions.

Rules of healthy food say that the amount of saturated fats has to be less than 7% of the general consumption of food a day. That is, if you follow a 2000-high-calorie diet, you shouldn't consume more than 14 g of saturated fat every day. To follow this rule, it is necessary to know in what products there are a lot of fats to limit or at all to exclude them from the diet.

Red meat

Meat of large animals, especially cows and pigs, differs in the high content of saturated fats. In spite of the fact that many diets don't forbid consumption of meat in general, it is desirable to limit its quantity in the daily menu. Especially a lot of fat contains in pork, ground beef, steaks and ham. Restriction of the use of these products can help to reduce consumption of saturated fats.

Besides, replacement of red meat with other proteins can also reduce amount of fat in food. As very good alternative fowl - chickens or turkeys can serve. If you want to exclude meat fat from a diet completely, use fish, beans or soy products.

Dairy products

Dairy products also increases amount of fats in your diet. Cream, cheeses, milk, sour cream and ice cream belong to such products. Besides that consumption of these products in itself means availability of fat in your food, you also receive excess calories and cholesterol and from other dishes prepared with use of a dairy products. To minimize amount of fat, include in your diet only low-fat or fat-free grades of milk and products with its contents.

Mayonnaise and sauces on its basis

These products are often used for preparation of various dishes. At the same time they are capable to turn the dietary dish (consisting of fish and vegetables) into food with high content of fat. Therefore try not to use these ingredients during cooking, it is desirable to replace them with more useful sauces. Besides, many products contain the nonsaturated fats capable to improve cholesterol level in blood, to have positive impact on a warm rhythm and to perform a large number of other functions which are positively affecting health. In the majority, they contain in the foodstuff received from plants - vegetable oils, nuts and sunflower seeds. They are liquids in standard conditions. In most cases it is impossible to eliminate availability of saturated fats in food completely because products which are good sources of useful fats (olive oil, walnuts) also contain a few saturated fats. However it is quite possible to limit their use.

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