Jam from orange crusts

Jam from orange crusts

The summer – is time preparations of jam. It is possible to diversify the choice and to make tasty and sweet jam from orange-peels.

It is required to you

  • - 200 g of cows of oranges,
  • - 2 glasses of water,
  • - 3 glasses of sugar,
  • - ½ tsps of citric acid.


1. At first it is necessary to wash oranges, then to cut on 4-6 parts. Remove all pulp, only crusts will be required. Pulp can be eaten.

2. Now it is necessary to cut a crust on thin strips, about 1.5-2 cm in width. It is necessary to derind an internal white part by means of a kitchen knife.

3. Then each strip needs to be twisted densely in a roll and to string on thread as a beads, by means of a needle. Then the thread needs to be pulled together more densely that a krausen couldn't be untwisted.

4. After that orange crusts need to be filled in with cold water. It is necessary to soak 3-4 days, changing water 4 times a day to get rid of bitterness. Then water needs to be drained.

5. In an empty pan it is necessary to pour water and sugar and to allow to begin to boil. Then to lower an orange beads in syrup and to cook on weak fire of 40-45 min. The skin which should be removed can be formed. Syrup has to uvaritsya to dense consistence. Color has to turn out light. At the end of cooking it is necessary to add citric acid. When jam cools down, threads should be removed. Jam turns out very tasty and reminds orange candied fruits.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team