Jellied language: recipes for a tasty dish

Jellied language: recipes for a tasty dish

Aspic from language is the real delicacy which is ideal for a family and holiday table. It is possible to prepare it from various recipes. However it is necessary to use gelatin surely.

Jellied language with egg For preparation of this dish, you will need the following ingredients:

- neat's tongue (average sizes) - 1 piece; - carrots – 2 pieces;

- gelatin – 15 g; - onions – 1 piece; - egg – 2 pieces; - salt – to taste; - greens – ½ bunches. Wash beef tongue a baking plate with flowing water and scratch out from it a knife a scurf. Shift it in a pan and fill in with water. Put everything on fire, bring to the boil and you cook within 2-3 hours, at the same time in 30 minutes until ready it will be required to add salt. Lower the boiled language in cold water, and then shift to a cutting board and husk with it.

When cooking language you can add some spice. There will be enough 1 teaspoon to impact to a dish amazing aroma and a pungent flavor.

Cut onions and carrots on cubes, shift vegetables in a pan and boil until ready. Pour gelatin into a deep bowl and fill in with cold water. Then leave it for 30-40 minutes for swelling. In this time boil eggs, cool, clean and crush. Filter broth which turned out after cooking of language and add to it the inflated gelatin. Deliver to Massú on fire and bring to the boil, surely stir slowly it as it is necessary to dissolve gelatin completely. Cut the boiled and cleaned language on pieces, mix them with vegetables and egg. Spread out the received weight in a form and fill in with mix on the basis of gelatin. Put everything in the fridge at several o'clock. Then you can serve the dish to a table, previously having decorated it with small cut greens. Jellied language with cheese Original will turn out the jellied language prepared according to this recipe. Such ingredients will be necessary for you: - neat's tongue of-1 piece; - water – 2 l; - butter – 100 g; - carrots – 1 piece; - onions – 1 piece; - processed cheese – 200 g; - gelatin – 10 g; - rye bread – 500 g; - garlic – 3 cloves; - salt and a black pepper – to taste. Wash out language under flowing water, put in a pan, fill in with liquid and put on fire. When liquid begins to boil, remove from it a skin, and then put salt, pepper and the carrots and onions cut in half which will be required to be cleaned from a peel previously. You cook language not less than 2.5 hours. Then pull out it, dip into ice water and remove a skin. Take a rye bread, cut off from it crusts, and shift a crumb in the blender and crush. There add the processed cheese cut on pieces garlic and greens. Still mix time, and then on a dish create from the turned-out weight hands the hill.

Instead of a desi you can use margarine, but take only that which has fat content not less than 60%.

Soak gelatin in a bowl. Then add to it 400 ml of hot broth and carefully stir before obtaining uniform consistence. Cut the cleaned language on slices (thickness about 7 mm). Lay out them on the hill from bread and cheese, and then fill in all jellies on the basis of broth and gelatin. Then cover a dish with polyethylene and put in the fridge before full hardening. It is possible to give it with various sauces.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team