Moonshine on pine nuts: advantage and harm, recipe

Moonshine on pine nuts: advantage and harm, recipe

Alcoholic beverages happen industrial and house preparation. One of the most popular home-made alcoholic beverages is moonshine. It is made by distillation of the vegetable weight rich with sugar, via the special device. There are a clean moonshine and moonshine infused on additives. Pine nuts are considered as the most refined additive which not only improves taste of alcohol, but also adds to it useful properties. In this article the influence of cedar moonshine on an organism, recipes of its preparation and other drinks which can be made from pine nuts will be considered.

Advantage and harm

This drink receives the main useful properties owing to keeping on nuts, and harm — from a sbrazhivaniye of sugar weight in alcohol.

Important! Use tincture with care if you along with it take antihistaminic, anesthetics and the somnolent drugs. The combination of drugs to alcohol can strengthen their action several times and lead to consequences, negative for health.


  1. The tannins which are contained in cedar tincture well influence work of a stomach and metabolism. They possess anti-inflammatory action, give the chance to use tincture for disinfection and fast healing of wounds. Such tincture is effective at food frustration and poisonings.
  2. Thanks to the high content of calcium, tincture is used for therapy at diseases of articulate bags.
  3. Ascorbic acid which is present at cedar drink strengthens immunity, a cardiovascular system, takes part in process of blood formation and regulates ability of blood to be curtailed.
  4. Tincture has the knitting, anesthetizing and toning properties — helps at cholelithic and ulcer diseases.
  5. Cedar moonshine facilitates symptoms of heavy catarrhal and viral infections.
  6. Curative effect of tincture in the period of an early climax and at mastopathy is checked for women in practice though it is scientifically not proved.
  7. Compresses from nut tincture help to get rid of skin diseases, such as eels, acne, allergic rashes. Also they take off unpleasant effects at stings of insects.

Whether you know? Up to an October revolution of 1917, all illegally made alcoholic beverages were called tavern. The name moonshine comes from the similar hunting term which designated prosecution of an animal on foot or so-called rutting behind it. The happened substitution of concepts was quickly included into the use and used still.


  1. Can provoke allergic reactions at persons with individual intolerance of alcohol or pine nuts.
  2. At the excess use has destructive effect on cells of a liver and brain.
  3. Cedar tincture is contraindicated at pregnancy and breastfeeding as alcohol will be transmitted through a placenta or milk to the baby.

How to draw moonshine on pine nuts

There is a set of recipes of this warming and useful nut drink. From them it is necessary to select the classical recipe and a compounding with an orange dried peel. For each recipe it is necessary to take so many pine nuts on moonshine liter how many it is necessary — observe proportions not to break taste.

Important! To children is younger than eighteen years tincture it is possible to give only in the medical purposes and in limited quantity. Cedar tincture is an alcoholic drink which in large numbers harmful affects mucous membranes of intestines and nervous system.

Classical recipe


  • moonshine — 2 l;
  • the crude pine nuts — 120 g;
  • white sugar — 150 g;
  • carnation — 1 butonchik.

Way of preparation:

  1. Break nuts the hammer or crush the nutcracker on two-three large fragments. Put nut meat in three-liter glass or ceramic capacity.
  2. Add a carnation bud, sugar, accurately mix.
  3. Fill in the turned-out mix with a half of moonshine.
  4. Close capacity a tight cover, vigorously stir up several times that components mixed up. Put for seven days in the warm place protected from sunshine for insisting.
  5. Each two days get capacity, turn it and stir up again. Write down dates of mixing that precisely the nobility, what is the time you drew moonshine.
  6. After a week open capacity, filter the received tincture through pure gauze fabric and dilute with the second half of moonshine for mitigation of taste. Tincture is ready.

Study useful properties of nuts cashew, black fox, a filbert and also, walnut, muscat, black and Brazilian nuts.

With an orange dried peel


  • moonshine — 1.5 l;
  • the crude pine nuts — 120 g;
  • dried peel orange — 5 g;
  • vanillin — 2 g;
  • cane sugar — 20 g;
  • leaf of blackcurrant fresh — 1 piece.

Way of preparation:

  1. Put nuts in the superficial enameled capacity, fill in with hot water and leave to infuse for five minutes. Merge water, repeat steaming two more times. This correctly carried out procedure will help to get rid of wood bitterness of nuts and will impact to tincture softer relish and aroma as you will draw nuts with the lowered content of pitches.
  2. Put nuts in two-liter glass or ceramic capacity.
  3. Add to nuts the dried-up orange dried peel, vanilla on a knife tip, sugar, a currant leaf. Fill in mix with alcohol.
  4. Hermetically close capacity, vigorously stir up it and put to the dark place for ten days for insisting.
  5. Each three days stir up the capacity that the area of contact of phases was updated.
  6. After the specified term open capacity, filter firm fraction through a gauze or a small strainer.
  7. Put tincture to the dark place for five days that it settled and ripened.

Important! Direct sunlight changes flavoring and aromatic qualities of an orekhovka — it becomes soured and turned rancid. That it did not occur, do not leave tincture on a window sill or a kitchen table.

What else can be made on pine nuts

In view of especially refined oily taste and aroma pine nuts use for insisting of other alcoholic liquids.


The recipe of an orekhovka practically does not differ from a compounding of classical cedar moonshine. The only thing — instead of moonshine for flooding of ingredients use store vodka or alcohol which differ from it in less sharp, pure taste.

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Cognac differs from moonshine and tincture in raw materials from which it is fermented. If moonshine, store vodka and alcohol are produced from grain, starched and sugar raw materials, then cognac turns out by distillation and the subsequent aging of fruit wine. Ready cognac infuses on steamed pine nuts in a proportion 10:1 within a week and then is filtered. The nut and wood aroma and tart taste are inherent in cedar cognac.

Whether you know? In English moonshine is designated by the word moonshine that it is translated as moonlight. The low-quality home self-race is obliged to such name by the characteristic pearl and rather turbid shade. In many countries of the world it is forbidden to produce alcoholic beverages in house conditions the legislation. Especially drastic measures of suppression of moonshining were used in the Soviet Union. The people driving own alcohol and marketing it covertly were threatened by from two to seven years of imprisonment with confiscation.

Cedar alcohol is obliged by the rich properties to mentioned nuts. They impact it refined relish, a smell and do by tincture, useful to health. To make a nut self-race, it is necessary to have alcohol of house production, fresh nuts and about one and a half weeks for its insisting. If you in accuracy observe a compounding of preparation of cedar moonshine, then as a result receive tasty, unusual and necessary drink for house use.

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