Pluses and minuses of a soy protein"

Pluses and minuses of a soy protein"

Bodybuilders often use proteins for combustion of fat and a set of muscle bulk.

Soy is not an exception.

In this article it will be a question of soy protein that it can bring: advantage or harm.

Soy protein

Let's consider what is a soy protein. It is vegetable protein which is secreted from soy. It is received from a soy concentrate which is well processed, removing carbohydrates and fats. Then there is a product with protein content about 90%.

Such powder has beige color. It with a neutral smell and taste. It contains valuable amino acids and minerals. The soy protein is used as nutritional supplement for athletes and also nutritionists recommend to accept it for weight loss.

Whether you know? The quality of a protein cannot be checked. Laboratory analyses can show the percentage of carbohydrates and protein only.

Pluses and minuses

The soy protein has both pluses, and minuses. Advantages:

  • helps to reduce cholesterol level;
  • work of a bladder and kidneys is normalized;
  • probability of emergence of oncology becomes less;
  • digestion improves;
  • helps to prevent diseases of skin and bones;
  • increases immunity;
  • toxins are removed from an organism.

The product is necessary for vegetarians and also for people who have an individual intolerance of milk protein.

The soy protein has also some shortcomings:

  • biological value low;
  • antioxidants are absent;
  • vegetable protein is badly acquired;
  • small amount of valuable amino acids;
  • the simplified oxidation mechanism — can lead to atherosclerosis;
  • soy contains the substances leading to obesity — it is connected with high concentration of compounds of estrogen.

It is important! If under control of the doctor to accept a small amount of vegetable protein, then it will not do any harm to a human body.

How to accept?

That vegetable protein could replace completely animal, it is necessary to accept it according to such scheme:

  • at active trainings — 1.5-1.7 g on kilogram of body weight;
  • for "drying" — 1 g;
  • at power occupations — 2 g.

Ways of reception of a soy protein for women and men differ.

To women

Female persons are allowed to use this product in such quantity which is specified on packing. It is absolutely harmless and positively affects an endocrine system.

Learn how to choose and as there are protein bars.

To men

Men have to show consideration for reception of this product not to do harm to an organism. The maximum effect can achieve only when mixing soy additive and serumal in the ratio 1:2. It is necessary to accept such mix 2-3 times a day.

Important! The considered product is not recommended to be accepted constantly, it is better to do it cyclically.

It is possible to make cocktail: To mix 25 g of protein from soy with juice or water (150 ml). It is necessary to use it in 35 minutes prior to a training and for 20 minutes after it.


Soy protein can be combined with other protein additives. There are even special protein complexes which part except soy serumal, egg and casein proteins are. They help to compensate a lack of amino acids of each other.

It will be interesting to you to learn that dates are a protein source.

Soy protein and weight loss

The protein for weight loss is often used by girls. The diet can have an adverse effect on nails, hair, teeth and on the general condition of an organism. By means of vegetable additives it is possible to fill a lack of nutrients. They will help to supply an organism with necessary protein. One of weight loss options — instead of a dinner to drink protein cocktail. At the same time it is important to keep to a diet:

  • in the morning — 2 eggs, vegetables salad;
  • during the lunchtime — vegetables and also meat, a bird or fish;
  • for an afternoon snack — it is necessary to alternate fruit and dairy product;
  • for dinner — protein cocktail.

It is recommended to add the evening trainings allowing to make effect it is better. Let's consider what protein is better for weight loss. To choose the best additive, it is necessary to talk to the trainer. To achieve the maximum effect it is recommended to accept a hydrolyzate of a serumal protein. But it is the most expensive and it is used by professional athletes.

Whether you know? The human body is not capable to accumulate a protein therefore it is necessary to resupply with proteinaceous products daily.

Opinions of the American scientists:

  • for weight loss fast protein, than slow works better;
  • serumal works better for weight loss, than soy;
  • serumal protein reduces amount of fat in an organism more effectively, than amount of meat equivalent to it.

Before using the considered product, it is necessary to weigh all pros and cons. Only in this case you will not do harm to the organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team