Pomegranate and its useful properties and contraindications

Pomegranate and its useful properties and contraindications

fall came, and on counters of shops the known fruit — pomegranate began to appear all. Attitude towards him ambiguous: someone adores it, considers nearly a panacea from all diseases. Others ignore as the advantage of pomegranate for an organism is leveled by the fact that pulp is not enough, it is difficult to get it. Both those, and others are right, everyone from the point of view. But is surprising from how many diseases it helps. It seems, there is no such illness at which treatment pomegranate would not be useful. And this its quality forces us to look narrowly at it more attentively.

Content of vitamins

The garnet tree grows where warmly. It is grown up as a cultural plant in Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the countries of the Mediterranean.

Whether you know? On October 26 — an annual festival of pomegranate in Azerbaijan. It is the only country on the planet where all grades of pomegranate grow.

Such attention to this fruit, in particular, because of the high content of vitamins. In juice of pomegranate there are a lot of different vitamins, but allocate 4 main which contents the greatest:

  • vitamin C strengthens the immune system;
  • vitamin P is useful to blood vessels;
  • B6 is necessary for nervous system;
  • B12 participates in blood formation.

Not to be unfounded, we will specify what vitamins contain in a grenade and their quantity in milligrams on 100 g of juice in decreasing order. It is the incomplete list of these substances necessary for an organism which are contained in it.

  • Vitamin C — 4 mg;
  • B3 vitamin — 0.5 mg;
  • B5 vitamin — 0.5 mg;
  • B6 vitamin — 0.5 mg;
  • Vitamin E — 0.4 mg;
  • B1 vitamin — 0.04 mg;
  • B9 vitamin — 0.02 mg;
  • B2 vitamin — 0.01 mg;
  • Vitamin A — 0.005 mg.

At garnet juice there is a vitamin K. In 200 g 35% of standard daily rate contain. Vitamin K is a collective name of group of the substances interfering fibrillation.

Folic acid, or B9 vitamin, participates in blood formation and supports DNA. 200 g of juice contain 15% of standard daily rate.

Learn more about advantage of such fruit as banana, a kiwi, mango, orange, a lime and Pamela.

Vitamin E — recognized antioxidant. It protects cages from damages by free radicals.

These are examples of content of vitamins B to a grenade. Besides vitamins, juice contains 15 amino acids. A half of them comes to a human body only with meat products.

Whether you know? There is a version that Eve tempted Adam not with apple, namely pomegranate.

Still interesting question: pomegranate is a fruit or berry. After much debate came to a conclusion that in household sense it is fruit, and in botanical — a kind of berries, but not berry. It is possible to understand, somehow. But in terms of advantage and harm for health of pomegranate — not an essence important.

Useful properties

Amazingly, the advantage of pomegranate as its application is broad — and as possible harm from ignorance of some properties of fruit is insignificant is how high. Caloric content — 65–85 kcal on 100 g of pulp, juice — about 50 kcal.

So, is more detailed about curative properties:

  • There is a hypothesis of anticarcinogenic action.
  • Removes radionuclides.
  • Prevents a heart attack, strengthening a cardiac muscle.
  • White partitions between grains — means against a stress.
  • At a burn juice relieves pain.
  • Returns male power, strengthens potency.
  • The advantage of pomegranate for women is undoubted. It kills pain at periods, facilitates a current of a climax.
  • Treats eels, decolours freckles and pigmentation on a face.
  • Lowers sugar at diabetes of both types.
  • Returns forces at exhaustion.
  • Positively influences heart at atherosclerosis.
  • Removes toxins.
  • Improves a metabolism.
  • Owing to low caloric content promotes weight loss.
  • Intensifies digestion.

Useful qualities of fruit far are not exhausted by this list.

At pregnancy

A specific place is held by pomegranate in a diet of pregnant women. Concerning expediency of its use to this responsible period among nutritionists there are disputes. Voices contra note high biological activity of this product. Voices pro note the high content of vitamins, amino acids, minerals — all that is so necessary for the pregnant woman and her future child. Agreed in opinion that future mummies can drink juice, but in the diluted look. Ratio of clear water and juice 1:1. Besides, it is recommended to dissolve garnet juice not only water, but also to use with softening sharpness and acid with carrot and pumpkin juice.

It is possible to meet recommendations to add beet juice. But this product in itself is biologically active and in high doses even in recipes of a sokoterapiya it is not recommended. Concerning this product it is necessary to consult to the doctor.

Consumption of pomegranate at pregnancy can bring both advantage, and harm. Garnet juice negatively affects enamel of teeth. This factor is very relevant for pregnant women. It is no secret that among women there is a saying: One child — one tooth. The skeleton of the child growing in a womb needs a lot of calcium. And if it is not enough in blood of future mother, then the fruit takes it from bones and teeth of future mother. To drink juice or not to drink — it is necessary to solve, having weighed everything pros and cons.

National recipes

At the people living in areas of growth of pomegranate, centuries used properties of the fruit, other its parts as remedies. Let's provide several recipes of traditional medicine.

From worms. The peel of pomegranate needs to be dried up and crushed, made of it powder. 50 g of powder to fill in 400 g of cold water and to allow to infuse within 5-6 hours. To uparit infusion to a half of initial volume on slow fire, to cool and filter. To drink the received medicine within an hour in the small portions. Then to accept laxative, in 6 hours to release intestines by means of an enema.

Important! Strictly observe a dosage. The peel contains poisonous alkaloids.

From a toothache. To crush stones and to mix with honey. To put gruel to a gum near a painful tooth.

Cleaning of intestines. It is simple to eat pomegranate seeds together with stones. It is better to use them on some pieces, but it is regular. The single high dose can lead to inflammation of an appendix. Important at application of national recipes to consider useful properties of pomegranate and possible contraindications. Pomegranate can do much harm.

Medical action the cornel, a chaga, a cornflower, a tansy, chicory, a valerian, a ginseng, a calendula, ekhinatseya, a fig, a dogrose, grapes possess.

At a tonsillitis. The divorced juice to rinse a throat.

Clarification of an organism from slags and toxins.

Important! The method is contraindicated to people with stomach diseases, especially at the increased acidity.

Scheme: to drink garnet juice 3 weeks. the 1st week: 0.5 articles 3 times a day. the 2nd week: 0.5 articles 2 times a day. the 3rd week: 0.5 articles of 1 times a day.

To use juice only freshly squeezed, the procedure is carried out by 3 times a year.

Whether you know? China grew up pomegranate with a diameter of 48.7 cm. It is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

At diabetes. Will lower sugar in blood of 60 drops of juice 4 times a day to food.

From a diarrhea. 5 g of powder of dry bark of pomegranate to fill in 0.5 cups of boiled water, to insist 20 minutes and to filter. To accept 1 tsp 3-4 times a day.

From insomnia. The white crossing points dividing grains to dry up and add to teas.

As it is correct to choose

Not to buy low-quality, unripe fruit, it is necessary to know several rules. It is necessary to pay attention to the following signs:

  • ripe fruit to the touch firm;
  • soft indicates damage when transporting, storage at too low temperature or just decay;
  • the peel has to be dry and one color on all area which is slightly dried;
  • the smooth peel indicates insufficient ripeness of fruit;
  • the taste is sweet and tart;
  • the place of attachment of a flower should not be green.


The use of garnet juice and grains is useful not for all.

  • First of all, it concerns people with a sore stomach. If there is a strong wish, then it is possible to drink, of course, a little juice, but it is obligatory to dilute it with water.
  • Children about one year let will grow up. Though nobody noted that pomegranate — the allergenic product, but will not prevent to keep the child. Besides, the increased content of acids will not do good to a small ventricle.
  • Above unbeneficial influence of juice on tooth enamel was noted. It concerns not only pregnant women. After the use of a product of companies it is better to rinse clear water.
  • It is very carefully necessary to handle a peel at production of broths of infusions according to recipes of traditional medicine. It contains about 0.5% of poisonous alkaloids.
  • It is contraindicated to the people suffering from locks and hemorrhoids because of the knitting properties.

Pomegranate — one of earth gifts designed to decorate and facilitate our life. Let's use so it with gratitude and admiration.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team