How to manufacture the bubble panel

How to manufacture the bubble panel

In interior glass finds various application. For example, the bubble panel is unusual decorative element of interior that gives appeal and the present to the room. Bubble panels are successfully used not only at registration of public places and buildings, as well as in inhabited apartments. Such panel will become excellent decoration of the living room, corridor or kitchen.


1. The bubble panel is cavity from within which there is liquid, as a rule, it is the distilled water. The compressor in cavity air through flexible hose moves, then there is formation of set of the bubbles rising up by means of the spray. Thanks to the established illumination the continuous stream of small bubbles looks fascinating and effectively.

2. In order that air bells rose ranks up, but did not mix up, supply the panel with vertical transparent partitions or use transparent tubes. Directly near the panel install the compressor - it can be hidden in bedside table which serves as support for the panel.

3. Independently panels can be manufactured of polycarbonate, the aquarian spray and tubules. It is possible to adapt special illumination which gives the chance to operate the different color modes of lighting.

4. The principle of operation of the bubble panel is quite simple – on transparent tubes or the panel air by means of the compressor arrives down and through openings goes from below up. Bubbles, rising up, have unusual visual effect.

5. Begin to collect design on pallet, in advance establish illumination. In the pallet leave small amount of water as the water column will stand, resting against water mirror. That is as a result the fountain on air draft has to turn out. Do not forget about the tank for draining from water tubes.

6. Bring the compressor to tube, include air supply - then will just throw out water from tube. Therefore in each tube limit exhaust port for water. By means of adjustment of openings it is possible to create the size of air bells.

7. Install panels either to wall, or in aperture, or as partition. Consider that it is necessary to leave gap about 10 cm - bubble panels should not rest against ceiling.

8. Water periodically should be changed and added as it becomes muddy over time and "blossoms", walls of tubes can become covered by greens or raid. Shchavelny acid will help to get rid of it

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team