Recipe for cherry wine

Recipe for cherry wine

It is rather simple to cope with preparation of domestic cherry wine. Sour or sweet-sour cherry will be ideal for tasty and fragrant drink.

Before preparation the selected cherry doesn't need to be washed. It is enough to tear off leaves and tails if they are. It is better to leave stones in berry. They will give to drink almond smack.

Preparation process

Water for future wine has to be pure spring or artesian. Before preparation of drink it needs to be exposed in the sun that got warm.

Any big container with lid will be suitable for process of wine fermentation. For storage it is worth getting large bottles. Ware can be corrosion-proof, enameled, oak, plastic or glass. Before use it needs to be washed out carefully. On one bucket of cherry two buckets of water, 7 kg of sugar will be required. Such amount of ingredients will be enough for preparation of 22 liters of cherry wine.


Crush berry in some capacity. In the container prepared in advance to put the crushed cherry, water, sugar and to mix. Leave finished wort in the dark place for fermentation. After contents become covered by "cap" from foam and berries will rise upward, temperature has to be about 22-25 degrees. In case temperature is higher necessary, will be to add several pieces of ice enough. If temperature, on the contrary, is lower than required, it is worth scooping a little mash, to warm up it and to pour out back in a container. The mash will wander about a week thus. It is necessary to mix it two-three times a day. After a week the mash doesn't need to be disturbed more, future wine has to settle five days. During the lower process of fermentation it is necessary to remove the layer of foam and cherry pulp which is formed on a surface. This process usually takes from 12 to 20 days. After that the deposit from wine is removed, contents of a container are poured on large bottles and transferred to the cool and dark place for 10-12 days. Temperature indoors shouldn't exceed 10-15 degrees. As soon as all processes of fermentation end, drink will develop a taste of a sweet wine, but not alcohol, the large bottle needs to cork and sustain densely some more days. The longer wine is stored, the it is more tasty and more fragrant.

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