Recipes for wafers

Recipes for wafers

Wafers are a tasty kind of dry thin cookies with some print on a surface. Usually dough for wafers is cooked from eggs, flour, sugar and cream. Bake wafers in special forms (waffle irons). Surely it is worth preparing house wafers according to the classical recipe or to make sweet milk delicacy to tea, and apple wafers will be suitable for a festive tea drinking.

How to prepare housewafersfor Klassicheskie house wafers it is very simple to prepare, then you can miss the mark on the discretion ready delicacy with any cream, cover it with the second wafer that the original dessert turned out.

It will be required to us: - 3 glasses of flour;

- 250 g of a desi or margarine; - 5 eggs; - 1 1/2 glasses of sugar. Hammer eggs into a bowl, pour in the kindled oil, mix. Fill up sugar, again stir, add a sifted flour, knead a spoon thinnish dough. heat the waffle iron, pour a spoon ready dough, bake wafers until ready. How to prepare sweet dairy вафлиРецепт preparations of these wafers differs from classical house. They prepare too quickly, turn out sweet, will be suitable for a breakfast. It will be required to us: - glass of milk; - 5 tablespoons of flour; - 3 tablespoons of soft oil; - 2 tablespoons of sugar; - 1 egg; - 1/3 h spoon of salt. Shake up egg with sugar, add oil, add flour in the small portions, pour in milk, constantly stirring slowly. Let's stand to the test within fifteen minutes. Then stir and bake wafers. How to prepare apple vafliyablochny wafers it is possible to prepare for Birthday of the child, they can become a nourishing full-fledged breakfast. It is a little more difficult to prepare them, than the previous wafers, but the spent time is worth it. It will be required to us: - 1 1/2 glasses of flour; - 250 g of margarine or oil; - 4 eggs; - 3 apples; - 1/2 glasses of milk; - on 3 tablespoons of ground almonds and sugar; - on 1/2 h a spoon of soda, ground cinnamon, salt; - vanillin on the fan. Wash out apples, peel, remove a core, cut small into cubes (it is possible to rub on a grater). Shake up soft oil, add sugar, vanillin, viscous weight has to turn out. Separate the yolks from the whites, shake up with salt, connect to oil, shake up before formation of a skin. Sift flour with soda, mix with milk, enter an oil egg mixture. Add apples, enter protein whips, mix. Pour out dough in the hot waffle iron, bake wafers until ready.

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