Rules of the choice of watermelon

Rules of the choice of watermelon

Watermelon is one of the most widespread and inexpensive berries which is widely available at the end of summer and the beginning of an autumn season practically across all territory of the former Soviet Union. However not each person who is engaged in selling of these products sells really quality, safe and corresponding to the price goods.

Rules of the choice of watermelon

It is no secret that each admirer of watermelons has own selection criteria of the correct and tasty berry for all family. It is considered also that only the man has to be engaged in the choice of acceptable watermelon.

However, having studied the rules given below, you will understand that each of members of your family can personally participate in the choice of huge berry.

Whether you know? In spite of the fact that in our culture it is accepted to eat only watermelon pulp, actually all its components are edible. For example, in the Far East and in China it is accepted to pickle, fry and extinguish sunflower seeds and a green skin of this fruit.

Maturing time

In spite of the fact that these berries begin to be available for sale nearly with approach of summer, it is the best of all not to make similar purchase before August. It is connected with natural biorhythms of maturing of the majority melon which and to treat the hero of our article.

The period of maturing of traditional, not hybrid grades, begins with the last third of July and proceeds until the end of August. Add to this term some more days demanded on assembly, sorting and delivery to the place of sale and get ideal penal for purchase.

We advise to esteem about useful properties of watermelon.

In case it seems to you that you can buy watermelon of the term which is earlier stated above, further events can develop in two ways. In the first case you, most likely, will get a fruit which will be stuffed with the various chemicals which accelerated its growth and approach of a mature state. And in the second the removed hybrid grade which will be rather safe and useful can get to you. Despite a possibility of succession of events according to the second scenario, we nevertheless consider that it is better not to put itself at excessive risk.

Places of sale

It should be noted at once that all melon, including and these berries — very actively and quickly absorb all gases, fertilizers and other potentially dangerous substances from the environment for this reason they are tried to be grown up as it is possible further from places of passing of large highways, finding of treatment facilities and cesspools.

You, in turn, not to put family at excessive risk, have to try to find such point of sale of these fruits which would be on the maximum removal from various industrial facilities and street circuits.

Important! You do not hurry to buy watermelon, having tempted it with low price, often than the low price of goods, subjects high probability that finally you will remain are dissatisfied with similar acquisition.

When you find a similar point, take an interest at the seller about existence of all necessary documents and the certificate of Gossanepidnadzor which would confirm goodness and compliance of a product to all consumer norms.

After that, pay special attention to in what conditions to contain watermelons, they have to lie surely on pallets, not less than 30 cm high that it is designed to prevent their contact with various rodents and also to slow down rotting process.

Watermelon to be among the most useful products for kidneys.

Signs of chemical intervention

According to comments of the doctor of agricultural sciences Tatyana Sannikova — there is at all no opportunity to determine by appearance (before its cutting) as far as any given fruit was overfed at its cultivation with fertilizers or other chemicals.

Video: how to check watermelon for nitrates the hands in house conditions Signs on which it is possible to judge excessive concentration of nitrates in watermelon is a large number white or yellow a streak in its pulp. Extreme admissible concentration of nitrates in these berries makes about 55-65 mg/kg of live weight of watermelon.

However it is possible to determine their exact contents in pulp only in the conditions of specialized laboratory, or by portable highly sensitive devices which, alas, it is too expensive for most of our buyers.

Important! You should not make purchase of too large watermelons as they more likely contain unacceptable amount of various pesticides. The ideal weight of watermelon for purchase is ranging from 6 up to 10 kg.


Integrity of external covers — rather important aspect of the choice of any berry as at violation of structure of an outer sheath the probability of pollution of interiors of watermelon parts of the earth significantly increases and also probability of infection of sweet pulp (which because of the high content of sugar in it is excellent nutrient medium) various pathogenic microorganisms. If you bought watermelon, on at the same time did not notice that it has the damaged crust, attentively examine it when cutting, paying special attention to pulp which is located directly near the place of damage.

If pulp has not changed structure, a usual smell and normal color — that you can without fears start a meal, previously having washed out pulp near the damaged site under flowing water.

It will be useful for you to esteem how to choose fruit of a pomelo, grapefruit, a nectarine, a kiwi, a melon, oranges, a dragon fruit.

In case you noticed any change in structure of pulp — it is recommended to separate carefully it a knife, taking at the same time several centimeters of watermelon fabrics normal by sight.

Otherwise you risk to get sick with a set of infectious diseases, beginning from quite harmless, but unpleasant intestinal flu and finishing with cholera, dysentery and tetanus.

Boy or girl

Fruits of watermelons differ by gender that is necessary for them for a possibility to reproduction in wild-growing conditions. So-called boys are far larger than the female analogs, are more extended in length and have more expressed granular structure of pulp.

Girl more round in the form, their weight often does not exceed 6-7 kg, and it is less stones by quantity and they have less dense structure.

In the people there is an opinion that girls considerably surpass boys in the tastes and aroma, however statistical researches show that if to offer the person pulp of fruits of both types without preliminary demonstration of a difference, then he will not be able to find essential differences between them. Besides, the taste and sweet of different grades of watermelon can significantly vary.

Video: watermelons boy and girl

Sound features

To choose a fruit, being guided on sounds which it makes at impact on it — quite difficult business. Training in this skill will take some time and knowledge will come with practice.

First of all it is necessary to teach to distinguish the ear ringing sounds from deafs. Ripe watermelons, at pat on them make a sound with obviously distinguishable ringing notes. It happens because of special porous structure of pulp of ripe watermelon. One more certain way to reveal ripe berry its weak squeezing from sides is.

Rather ripe watermelon will publish at the same time easy crackling. At this stage of check the main thing not to go too far in efforts as the resung watermelon quite can burst in your hands and then with a high share of probability you will be forced to pay for it.

About a yellow spot

The yellow spot is the specific term characterizing a zone on a surface of any melon which directly prilezhit to the earth. Because of impossibility to receive photosynthesis in this place, the chromolayers forming the basis of cages of this zone do not pass into chlorolayers which allocate all other watermelon in green color.

Whether you know? Water content in watermelon on average reaches 92%, and presence at its structure of various mineral components allows it to saturate your organism with moisture far better, than a glass of water.

Diameter of a yellow spot can vary depending on a berry grade. Usually it makes up to 5-6 centimeters for medium-sized grades and within 10-12 centimeters for large. The spot of larger sizes is a direct indicator that this watermelon will be not rather sweet as it lacked light at the time of its ripening. If color of a yellow spot white or orange is a sign that the fruit ripened in adverse klimato-ecological conditions and too it is the best of all to refuse purchase of such copy. Besides, watermelons with a white spot often waterier, have less saturated taste and less elastic structure of pulp.

That with a tail

On a tail which is also called a fruit stem it is possible to judge that how long your fruit was broken from a bed directly. Berry which did not lose the freshness yet has to have a fruit stem of green or yellowish color, moderately dry, but not completely overdried by no means or excessively damp.

Damp tail — sign that in watermelon there are fermentation processes, that is, most likely, it was broken already for a long time. The overdried fruit stem says to us that watermelon lost already too large amount of moisture, and most likely its pulp will be friable and not tasty. Besides, unfair sellers can purposefully break from the watermelons a fruit stem, with the purpose to deceive the knowing buyers. If color of a fruit stem black — be on the lookout, most likely the fruit was infected with any putrefactive bacterium or a fungus and its consumption can be hazardous to health.

It is better to see 1 time, than to hear 7 times

Personal testing of its tastes and opportunity to glance inside remains the most certain way of check of berry on goodness. Ask the seller to make a square cut in a fruit around its fruit stem and to extend the turned-out pyramid outside.

Study useful properties of berries of a gooseberry, grapes, a sea-buckthorn, plum, a sanberra, asaa, a honeysuckle, a mespilus, blueberry, a mountain ash (black and red), cherries, strawberries, a hawthorn, a cornel, cowberry, blackberry, a cranberry, cloudberries and a juniper.

Video: how to choose watermelon Attentively examine pulp regarding white or yellow a streak which as we already mentioned, indicate excessive satiety by nitrates. Then smell pulp. And only if the previous two parameters completely satisfied you, start a final stage of check — ask the seller to cut off for you a small piece of pulp.

Undoubtedly, not each seller will want to give even a small part of the goods on test to the stranger, however if he is confident in quality of the goods, then most likely with pleasure will go to you to a meeting. Having this knowledge you will be able to choose more consciously a quality product for yourself and the family.

Remember that the best watermelon is the fruit which is grown up without use of various chemicals. Only in relation to such watermelon it is possible not to feel any alarms and fears therefore you seek to grow up them independently at yourself at the dacha, or buy them from the checked sellers or the familiar gardeners.

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I always choose watermelon on a circle from below, they are called still by watermelon or an arbuzikha, and so watermelon is always more sweet, it has a circle less, than at an arbuzikha, of course it is necessary to look at ripeness of a tail, dry it or not, and it is also necessary to knock on watermelon if a sound ringing, then watermelon precisely ripe and at a section can even crack. And in general everything depends on weather and summer and where watermelon grew, if summer cold and rainy, then as try to choose, watermelon will be not tasty.


Do not take watermelon with too yellow speck it will be old - overripe. It is better if watermelon is with slightly zhyoltenky or whitish spot, but only not with greenish, otherwise he will be immature Well, and a tail, watch that he was dried. You ask to choose to you watermelon of the owner of goods, they well choose both melons and watermelons. In the market buy.


Well first it is a sound when you on it knock a sound has to be the deaf, secondly it is of course color if color of a peephole on watermelon not rather yellow means watermelon pumped up, the tail should not fall off when watermelon tryasyosh there should not be nothing! well and as a result when you cut watermelon, watch what distance between a red cover and a crust, about 2 cm it are fine)


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