Than cherry tomatoes are useful

Than cherry tomatoes are useful

On counters of shops and the markets many years are on sale brushes of cherry tomatoes, small by the size. They are perfectly stored and are a part of many dishes of the Mediterranean kitchen. Some gardeners began to grow up this kind of tomatoes at themselves on the site. Originally they were red color, but grades of various coloring are already removed (yellow, black, green, pink, a Bordeaux). Let's consider what advantage these tomatoes do, their possible harm as it is correct to choose upon purchase.

Caloric content and structure

Cherry tomatoes belong to low-calorie products: in 100 g only 18 kcal contain.

Their nutrition value following:

  • carbohydrates — 3.92 g;
  • proteins — 0.88 g;
  • fats — 0.2 g;
  • food fibers — 1.2 g.

Power value is 76 kJ.

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Concentration of vitamins and minerals in them is much higher, than in usual tomatoes. Most of all in them C and A vitamins, there is a group of vitamins B and also E, K, H, niatsin. Mineral substances are presented by potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, chrome, iodine, iron, molybdenum, cobalt, a pine forest, copper, manganese, selenium, zinc.

Whether you know? Cherry tomatoes it is from Peru and Chile. Over modern grades in 1973 selectors of Israel well worked. Delay of the period of maturing of tomatoes at heat and dryness of air was the main objective of receiving this look.

Advantage and harm

You receive the greatest advantage from the qualitative, completely ripened fruits. This vegetable is very useful, but can in certain cases and do much harm.

Advantage of tomatoes

The rich structure of these small tomatoes causes existence of the following useful properties in them:

  • contain the small number of calories, improve a metabolism and are a part of many unloading diets;
  • the antioxidants which are contained in fruits promote longevity;
  • lycopene protects an organism from cancer of a stomach, a prostate and lungs and also is prevention of developing of a cataract;
  • a large amount of vitamin A and karotin positively affects organs of vision;
  • the use of tomatoes positively influences work of a cardiovascular system, is prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • small tomatoes lighten the mood due to availability of hormone of serotonin and also help to struggle with a depression.

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Whether you know? Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables in the world. Every year they are made by more than 60 million tons.

Possible harm

These fruits have practically no contraindications, however in certain cases can do harm:

  • in the presence of an allergy the emergence of allergic reactions is possible;
  • during exacerbation of pancreatitis they should be excluded from the menu, and in the rest of the time accurately to dose;
  • in the presence of ulcers and the increased acidity of a stomach it is necessary to avoid consumption of this vegetable;
  • with care people who in a zhyolchny bubble have stones need to use tomatoes;
  • it is necessary to limit their use at gout and diseases of kidneys because of availability of oxalic acid.

Important! These fruits with care should be entered into the menu of small children as at kids allergic reactions to the vegetables and fruit painted in red or orange colors are quite often observed. The same rule concerns also the feeding mothers.

Rules of the choice

Upon purchase of cherry tomatoes the experts recommend to pay attention to the next moments:

  • the aroma of fruits has to be saturated, its absence means that tomatoes collected unripe;
  • the choice needs to be stopped on tomatoes of the identical sizes without damages, signs of rotting, spots and dark dots;
  • the surface of tomatoes has to be dense and elastic;
  • the color of fruits has to be uniform;
  • if the fruit stem is painted in greenish color, then it means that tomato did not ripen and ripened after collecting;
  • too dense and thick peel on a tomato usually signals about application of nitrate connections;
  • the fruit too soft to the touch says that it became overripe;
  • the sour smell demonstrates rotting process;
  • if under a thin skin of a tomato greenish streaks are a little looked through, then it speaks about use of chemicals at cultivation;
  • excessive gloss on a surface of a fruit signals about use of paraffin or special structure for maintaining presentation, it is heavy to wash away these substances, they can become the reason of disorder of intestines.

Important! Cherry tomatoes usually are on sale with branches on which they grew. It is possible to determine by their appearance how long vegetables were picked. The green, strong branch says about what tomatoes broke quite recently.

Cherry tomatoes not only will fill up your diet with useful substances and vitamins, but also will help to lose the excess weight as contain very few calories. However at their use it is necessary to remember contraindications and with care to add them to the menu to the people having an allergy, diseases of a digestive tract and also the feeding women and little children.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team