How to normalize a diet

How to normalize a diet

The diet includes the full-fledged breakfast, a lunch and a dinner passing approximately at the same time. Thanks to it the organism receives all necessary substances in time and doesn't lay fat and carbohydrates in store in the most problem places, and the majority of problems with digestion pass into nothingness.

Frequent food

The healthy nutrition is impossible without observance of the mode. Not to have problems with digestion and excess weight, it is important to eat 5 times a day. At the same time three times it is necessary to eat fully, and – it is simple to have a bite two between meals. The most part of a daily diet needs to be eaten in the first half of day that the organism processed food into energy in time. And the dinner has to be a lung and consist generally of protein products and vegetables.

Obligatory breakfast and lunch

The large role in adjustment of a diet is played by schooling of by a full-fledged breakfast. Ideally, it has to consist of porridge or muesli with pieces of whole cereals, nuts and fruit. Besides, for breakfast it is possible to afford various flour products as they will be processed into energy and won't be postponed then in problem places.

If for some reason to make porridge there is no time, it is possible to eat cheese or jam sandwich, cottage cheese or, at the worst, a natural yoghourt. The last has to be obligatory in the fridge, it is possible to eat it even during the trip to work. And if it is difficult to master something, except a cup of coffee in the mornings, try to wake up a little earlier to be in time also have breakfast after a while. Besides, the light early dinner also promotes good appetite the next morning. Also the lunch isn't less important, the strong feeling of hunger wakes up at this time. Important to satisfy it with suitable products in time. Most useful for lunch is low fat liquid meals, meat or fish, a fresh vegetables. It is also possible to afford paste from firm grades of wheat. As a dessert it is the best of all to use fruit. If there is a wish by all means for some cake, it is more useful to eat it a little later - during an afternoon snack which will help to make a dinner easier.

Early dinner

The dinner also has to be present at a daily diet surely. And to pass always at the same time. Ideally, it is useful to have supper in 5 hours prior to a dream that food managed to be digested and acquired by an organism. If for some reason to have supper in time it didn't turn out, you shouldn't refuse food at all – rather simply to eat a vegetable salad and a small piece of the baked meat or fish. And here it isn't recommended to regale on a dessert after an evening meal.

Useful having a snack

It is recommended to have a bite also at the same time. It is desirable later a couple of hours after breakfast or in 3 hours before a dinner. During them it is useful to eat any fruit or to drink a cup of tea with nutlets, dried fruits, cottage cheese and other not too high-calorie products.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team