Traditions of Cypriot cuisine

Traditions of Cypriot cuisine

Cyprus is not only fantastic beaches, the pacifying nature and beautiful sunsets. This amazing region is rich also with the culinary traditions. The kitchen in Cyprus generally Greek, but is the institutions specializing and on Middle Eastern.

Most often our idea of Cypriot cuisine is associated with olives and olive oil. Really, a smell of olive trees pursue the traveler. And the majority of hot dishes and snack don't do without addition of olive oil. But food in Cyprus differs in a huge variety, though has a number of unconditional traditions. The classical feast in Cyprus begins with Meuse - several types of traditional snack. On a table olives, bread, the dzadzik sauce, hummus, cheeses, the baked eggplant are served. By the Greek rules Meuse can include dishes thirty which move strictly according to regulations. The company Meuse is kept by wines, ouzo or "zivaniye" – very strong vodka.

 Unprepared after nourishing Meuse it is already difficult to person to eat something else. And for Cypriots it is such "warm-up" before the main course. Despite proximity of the sea, in Cyprus, meat is popular. Most often it is mutton or lamb. The most known way of preparation of meat is "клефтико" - meat is baked in special furnaces, having completely dug in coals.

As the biggest temptation in Cypriot cuisine serve desserts. Many of them are well familiar to us, for example, baklava. Desserts with addition of honey or a sugar syrup, nuts prevail. To a dessert coffee usually is served. For New year the Cypriots bake "vasilopa". It is pie in honor of Saint Vasily. In it surely hide a coin. Who got it, good luck in the coming year waits.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team