Useful and harmful properties of hummus

Useful and harmful properties of hummus

The hummus which is quite exotic in our countries can be met nevertheless very often as the guest on tables of various countries of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. There it won fame of one of the most popular and tasty snack long ago and strongly. This article will help you to deal with the fact what the dish and what its properties, both useful, and potentially harmful are.

What is it?

Hummus is a dish of kasheobrazny consistence, an obligatory compound component is chickpeas puree and also paste from sesame, lemon juice, olive oil and other additives. The first documented mentions of a similar product are dated the 13th century, the most part they are presented in the form of recipes from books for cooks in Arabic.

Whether you know? In Hebrew and the Arabic languages the word hummus has dual value, the first is actually snack, and the second — the local name of a type of peas from which produce snack, chick-pea mutton.

This dish won the greatest popularity in the countries of the Middle East (Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Syria) and also in Cyprus and in Greece. Most often hummus is served in the form of cold appetizer or as sauce, at the same time in the east is traditionally applied to it a lavash or pita, and in other regions as replacement with it can put bread or corn chips.

In the 19th century after it became clear that this snack does not contain gluten, hummus began to gain actively popularity among residents of the USA and other countries which had intolerance of this food component and products which contain it.

The main component of hummus is the boiled chick-pea which is crushed further manually or with application of various means to a condition of uniform gruel. After that add other components, such as sesame paste, lemon juice and olive oil to it. These components are the main, all others should be considered as seasonings which are capable only this way or otherwise to shade the main taste of a dish.

Vitamin and mineral structure

From minerals at this snack there is quite large amount of sodium (379 milligrams) and potassium (228 milligrams), besides in it there is a small amount of calcium (38 milligrams), magnesium (71 milligrams) and iron (2.4 milligrams). This product, unfortunately, is not so rich with vitamins, at it there is only a small amount of vitamins of group B and vitamin A.

In enough vitamin A contains in carrots, parsley, broccoli, peaches, avocado, pumpkin.

Nutrition value and caloric content

Quite big share in a mass part of hummus is occupied by fats. 10 grams of fats, including 1.4 grams of saturated, 3.6 grams of polyunsaturated fatty acids and 4 grams of monounsaturated fatty acids are the share of hundred grams of this product prepared on a standard compounding.

Important! You should not worry for a condition of the cardiovascular system at consumption of this snack as, despite the high content of fats, in it there is at all no cholesterol which is the main reason for development of pathology of this system.

The greatest share in this product is occupied by carbohydrates — the whole 14 grams on 100 grams of a ready-made product from which 6 grams are the share of various food fibers. This product and proteinaceous inclusions is rich: 100 grams of hummus contain not less than 8 grams of protein. Caloric content of a product is 166 kcal on a 100-gram portion.

About advantage of hummus

Hummus, in view of special structure of the products entering its recipe is capable to make complex positive impact on a body of human using it is regular. There are some useful properties which you can take from it:

  1. Supply of an organism with enough natural vegetable protein.
  2. Normalization of a metabolism.
  3. Decrease in level of sugar in blood.
  4. Help in removal from an organism of ballast and toxic substances.
  5. Improvement of cognitive processes.
  6. Stabilization of work of a cardiovascular system.
  7. Improving influence on nervous system.

Besides, separately it is worth mentioning benefit which is brought by the food fibers which are contained in hummus. They contribute to normalization of work of digestive tract, bring the toxic substances which accumulated in it out of intestines and prevent various dissonances in its work (locks, indigestions, diarrheas, etc.).

Hummus can be considered rather useful and balanced food for people who try to lead a healthy lifestyle and seek to keep the figure. The regular use in food leads it to weight reduction, reduction of appetite and loads the consumer with enough energy for daily steadily high activity.

Whether you know? In Ancient Egypt, chick-pea was a symbol of family of the Pharaoh. Pharaohs were often represented with chick-pea branches in a hand, was considered that their family has to be same strong and solid, as well as peas in a chickpeas pod.

It is necessary to mention that because of the kashitseobrazny form this product is quite convenient for consumption by people which for one reason or another cannot independently chew food and also for elderly persons. Rational application of this product in feeding of seriously ill patients of people in intensive care units of the European and American hospitals can serve as a good example for our health care system.

Whether it is possible for pregnant women and feeding

Modern researches show that hummus needs to be used with care on the last trimesters of pregnancy when the fruit occupies already rather volume site in an abdominal cavity of future mother. It is connected with the fact that large numbers of hummus are capable to provoke the meteorizm phenomena, and it will bring essential discomfort to future mothers on such late terms.

Learn whether pregnant women can use muesli, pistachios, black tea, peaches, a sea cabbage, kissel, coffee with milk, dried apricots.

Nursing mothers are not forbidden to eat this product, and absolutely even on the contrary — high content in this product of protein will promote more productive and fast lactogenesis, and cleaning of an organism of toxins which is promoted by a product will improve quality of milk and will provide the kid with the cleanest breast milk which your organism is capable to synthesize.

Important! It is necessary to eat with care hummus to those mothers whose milk differs in the increased fat content as the excess of fats as a part of the considered product is capable to enhance this property of milk that can develop into development of frequent locks in the kid.

Harm of a dish

As it was already mentioned earlier, this product on the basis of chick-pea can become the reason of development of a meteorizm therefore it should not be abused, especially in case you have tendency to similar problems. Besides, it is necessary to remember that this very high-calorie dish, and systematic abuse of it is capable to cause problems with excess weight. For maintenance of an ideal proportion between satiety and a good figure at one time of food it is recommended to use no more than 2-3 spoons of this snack.

It is impossible to use this dish at all if you have an intolerance of any components which are its part. The allergy to various citrus and peas — rather frequent phenomenon in the modern world, and therefore before consumption of this dish for the first time not superfluous will be to be convinced of its absence.

We advise to learn how to distinguish and get rid of an allergy.

There is also a list of diseases which course this product is capable to aggravate — remember that at their existence you should not eat hummus:

  • cholecystitis;
  • inflammatory diseases of intestines and stomach in a chronic and sharp form;
  • stomach ulcer and intestines;
  • thrombophlebitis of any localization;
  • the expressed blood circulation violations;

So, we hope that this article helped you to deal with all questions which arose at you concerning such snack as hummus. Be not afraid to try new dishes, experiment with their structure, add various seasonings, and sooner or later you will find the individual recipe of hummus which is ideal for you and your family!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team