What to prepare from a rowan

What to prepare from a rowan

It is possible to prepare from fruits of a rowan not only original sauces, but also drinks, jam and even desserts. They turn out fragrant, very tasty and incredibly useful.

Rowan jam

Most often from a rowan cook jam. That it needs to be made the following:

- a rowan – 2 g; - sugar – 1.5 kg;

- water – 700 ml; - apples – 500 g Take a rowan, disconnect from branches, shift to a sieve and carefully wash a baking plate with flowing water. Take a pan and fill in it sugar. Fill in it with water and put on a ring. When mix begins to boil, it is necessary to lower fire and to stir slowly constantly. It is necessary that sugar with water uvaritsya and turned out syrup of average density.

Take apples and cut on small slices. Lower them in syrup, and then add a rowan. Close all this a cover and leave for 10 hours. After this time put jam on fire, bring to the boil and you cook 3 minutes. Then it is possible to begin to twist it in banks.

Sweet sauce from a rowan

Sauce from this berry is excellent addition to many dishes. That it needs to be made: - sugar – 200 g; - a rowan – 1 kg; - water – 50 ml; - sweet paprika – 2 pieces Take a rowan, remove from it branches and lower in boiled water for 1 minute. Then miss berries via the meat grinder together with paprika. Fill in all this with water, put on fire and bring to the boil. Pour sugar there and carefully place everything. Lower a few fire and mature sauce until its consistence doesn't become dense. Then it will be ready-to-serve.

Mountain ash fruit liqueur

Fruit liqueur from a rowan possesses an astringent flavor. That to make it, it is required to take: - a rowan – 1.5 kg; - vodka – 2 l; - sugar – 1 kg. Take a mature rowan, wash out, remove branches and dry on a kitchen towel. Warm an oven to 180 wasps and put berry for 2-4 minutes. It has to become soft. Cool a rowan and fill up in in advance prepared bottles. Fill in it with the peeled vodka on 2/3. Leave to infuse for several weeks. It is necessary that berry became dark amber color. Then merge vodka, and fill up a rowan with sugar. Put bottles to the dark place for 2 weeks. After this time fruit liqueur will be ready.

Candied fruits from a rowan

From berries of a rowan very tasty candied fruits which pleasantly taste bitter turn out. To make them, it is necessary: - granulated sugar – 1.2 kg; - a rowan – 1 kg; - citric acid – 3 g; - water – 3 articles Take berries of a rowan and lower in the boiling water for 5 minutes. Then shift them in cold liquid to the same time at once, and then pull out on a paper towel. Put a pan with water and bring to the boil. Pour into it sugar and prepare syrup. In it lay out fruits and maintain on fire of 4-5 minutes. Then leave all this for day. Then again bring to the boil a pan with a rowan and add citric acid there. Cast away berries on a colander, let's syrup flow down, and lay out ready candied fruits on a dish.

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