What to prepare from squash: 10 best recipes

What to prepare from squash: 10 best recipes

In our country the squash enjoys wide popularity, and not for nothing. This vegetable from family of pumpkin contains a set of vitamins and minerals, it is low-calorie and is easily acquired by an organism. For this reason the squash is a main product in dietary, fast and baby food. In culinary art there is a set of recipes of various dishes from squash: they are extinguished, fried, stuffed, baked and preserved. From this remarkable vegetable cook snack, soups, salads, second courses and even jam.

Marrow cream soup

We clean two young squash from a skin and we cut them in small cubes. A half-glass of rice we wash out to transparent water, we fill in it with one liter of hot vegetable broth, we add fresh juice from a half of a lemon and we cook ten minutes on average fire. We fry the cut squash on sunflower oil (five-six minutes), in the course of frying we strew vegetables with the remained lemon zest and we season with one Part a turmeric spoon. We add the fried squash to a pan with broth and rice, we add salt and we cook ten more minutes then we crush soup by means of the blender to a uniform state. We bring the received pyureobrazny weight to the boil and we remove from fire. We serve squash soup to a table with crunchy toasts and the fresh crushed greens. Except squash it is possible to add other vegetables (eggplants, a cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin, green beans, etc.), various grain and cream to a cream soup.

Stuffed vegetable marrows

The squash stuffed with meat stuffing are prepared simply and quickly. This dish will become a great option for festive snack or a usual family dinner. 

We take one bulb and we turn it into gruel, having passed via the meat grinder or having crushed in the blender. We connect the crushed onions and a half kilogram of mincemeat, we add a black sprinkling pepper and salt, then carefully we mix everything. Two we clean squash of the average sizes from a thin skin and we cut circles four centimeters wide. We cut out "core" from the cut squash. We boil water then we lower in it marrow rings, we cook three minutes and we cool in cold water.

We clean one more bulb, we crush a knife and we fry in a frying pan before acquisition of a subtle golden shade (about five minutes). We grate two small carrots the large size and we fry on sunflower oil within ten minutes. We mix the fried vegetables among themselves and we salt. We rub hundred fifty grams of cheese of a firm grade on a large or average grater.

We warm an oven up to the temperature of two hundred degrees. While the oven is warmed, we prepare squash. For this purpose the baking tray is covered with paper for baking or a usual foil and we spread on it squash. The core of each squash is densely filled with the prepared meat stuffing. We cover stuffed vegetable marrows with the fried vegetables (onions and carrots), plentifully we grease with mayonnaise, and from above we strew all with a grated cheese. Then we bake squash for thirty minutes.

Vegetable stew with potatoes and squash

We fry the carrots grated, and the crushed head of onions in a deep frying pan, previously having added vegetable oil. We cut five average potatoes in small cubes and we fry together with onions and carrots. We cut two paprikas accurate straws and we add to a frying pan to other products. Further we start preparation of squash, for this purpose we peel one vegetable also sunflower seeds, and then we cut in small cubes. We put the cut squash in a frying pan and we mix all contents. The tomatoes cut by segments three will be the following ingredient which is added to ragout. We season vegetables with spices, we add salt and the garlic which is previously passed through a press. All contents are carefully mixed, we cover and we extinguish about twenty minutes on slow fire, periodically stirring slowly with a dish. Vegetable stew can be served to a table as a main course or in the form of a garnish to a meat dish.

Snack from squash with tomatoes and garlic

From a squash great snack as it is perfectly combined with all garden cultures turn out. It is possible to carry fried squash with tomatoes and garlic to seasonal vegetables dishes. For preparation of snack we need three young squash of the average sizes. At first we wash vegetables and slightly we scratch out the top layer of a peel that they didn't taste bitter. Then we cut squash circles two centimeters thick. If to make circles is thinner, then after frying they will become too soft and fat. We salt the cut squash and we leave to start up juice for thirty minutes then we merge excess liquid. We warm a frying pan, previously having added olive or sunflower oil. We roll marrow circles in flour and we spread on a frying pan. We fry squash from two parties until ready (they can be pierced easily a fork). 

We crush six garlic gloves under a press, we mix with two tablespoons of vegetable oil and one tablespoon of a table vinegar. With the received garlic sauce it is greased the fried circles from a squash. We cut two big dense tomatoes thin accurate circles and we spread them on squash. We decorate a ready-to-eat meal with a network from mayonnaise and the crushed fresh greens (parsley, onions, fennel).

Rolls from squash with cheese

Thanks to cream cheese which is used in this recipe the rolls from squash possess incredibly delicate and mild flavor. For preparation of vegetable snack we take one cleaned squash, we slice it lengthways thin and slightly we fry on vegetable oil. We salt slices to taste. We spread the fried pieces of a squash on a paper towel that it absorbed the flowing-down fat. We take lardons and we fry till golden color. In separate capacity we mix two hundred grams of cream cheese, one segment of garlic crushed under a press and chopped greens. We put lardons on slices of a squash, then with a teaspoon it is put a creamy stuffing and accurately wrapped in roll. If necessary rolls can be fixed by a toothpick. Instead of cream cheese it is possible to use sausage, then snack will develop a light smoked taste.

Squash and tomatoes salad

We husk a young squash, then we cut it lengthways on two parts and we cut thin segments. Also we cut three average tomatoes accurate small segments. Garlic glove we crush a baking plate a press. We crush fresh greens a knife. We connect all ingredients in a salad bowl, we pepper, we salt, we fill with kefir and well we mix. If desired in this recipe tomatoes can be replaced with fresh cucumbers.

Casserole from squash

We clean two squash of the average sizes from a skin, we cut in small cubes, then we pour out them in deep capacity. We add salt, a black sprinkling pepper to own taste and two cloves of polished garlic. Small we chop fresh greens and we add it to squash. In separate ware we mix three tablespoons of sour cream, one Part a spoon of mustard and three tablespoons of a polished hard cheese. We shake up two eggs in the blender and we pour in them in a smetano-mustard sauce. In a baking dish we spread squash, having evenly distributed them on all surface then we water vegetables with earlier made sauce. Over sauce we do a layer of a grated cheese. We bake a dish in the oven warmed up to the temperature of two hundred degrees. Time of cooking of casserole from squash will depend on form depth – from thirty to forty five minutes. If desired from squash it is also possible to add other ingredients to casserole: vegetables, mushrooms or mincemeat.

Squash fritters

Young vegetables as a thin skin at them soft and gentle best of all are suitable for this recipe. If in preparation оладьев overripe squash are applied, then skin and seeds should be removed. We rub two young squash on an average grater and we shift them in deep ware. Then we add two eggs and one glass of flour, having carefully mixed all ingredients. We form small accurate flat cakes of the received marrow test and we fry them on vegetable oil from two parties. Ready fritters are served to a table with sour cream as in a hot, and cold look.

Marrow caviar

We crush two heads of onions, we grate two carrots of the average size. We fry vegetables on sunflower oil. We rind two squash, we take out seeds, we grate and we add to a frying pan to onions and carrots. We fry vegetables for fifteen minutes on average fire, then we add to a dish one Part a paprika spoon, two crushed zubik of garlic, salt and pepper to taste. We diminish fire to the minimum value, we cover and weary vegetables thirty minutes, periodically stirring slowly. There is enough liquid which is usually emitted by squash for suppression, but if the dish turns out dry, then it is necessary to add a little boiled water. The ready vegetable caviar can be used hot or cold, as independent snack or a garnish to a main course.

Squash jam with a lemon

We peel two average squash, we delete a core and we cut small in accurate cubes. We pour out the cut vegetables in a deep bowl, we add five hundred grams of sugar and we leave to infuse for ten hours. During this time squash will give enough juice. We put ware on fire and we bring marrow jam to the boil then we cook it ten more minutes. We remove delicacy from a plate and we leave to infuse for five hours. Then we repeat cooking process two more times. Before the last boiling it is added to jam two crushed in the lemon blender. Readiness of a dish can be determined by its density – drops shouldn't spread on a saucer. Squash are successfully combined not only with a lemon, but also with all types of a citrus, pineapples, strawberry and ginger. 

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