Whether it is possible for pregnant women there is a filbert

Whether it is possible for pregnant women there is a filbert

The food allowance during pregnancy has considerable impact both on mother's organism, and on a fruit. For this reason it is worth paying attention to each component of a diet. In this material we will consider from this point of view of property of such popular product as a filbert which found the broadest application in cookery.

Caloric content and chemical composition

The filbert belongs to high-calorie products. The caloric content rate at it is 650 kcal on 100 g.

Contain in the same volume:

  • proteins — 15 g;
  • fats — 60 g;
  • carbohydrates — 10 g.

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From vitamins B it are present at significant quantities (on 100 g):

  • thiamine (B1 vitamin) — 0.3 mg;
  • pantothenic acid (B5) — 1.13 mg;
  • adermin (B6) — 0.7 mg;
  • folic acid (B9) — 67 mkg;
  • nicotinic acid (B3 or SS) — 5.1 mg;
  • tocopherol (E) — 20.1 mg.

Also various minerals contain in this product, namely (on 100 g):

  • manganese — 4.1 mg;
  • copper — 1.1 mg;
  • cobalt — 12.2 mkg;
  • potassium — 712 mg;
  • magnesium — 171 mg;
  • phosphorus — 297 mg.

Important! 100 grams of a filbert contain 1.35 standard daily rates of vitamin E, 35% of standard daily rate for B6 vitamin organism, two standard daily rates of manganese and a little more standard daily rate of cobalt and copper. Quantities are also present at essential B5 vitamins (23% of standard daily rate) and B1 (20%) and also magnesium (43%) and phosphorus (37%).

Advantage and harm of a filbert for pregnant women

This product has different impact on an organism of the woman and a fruit during pregnancy, it depends on term. In general it is useful throughout all process of incubation of the child. However under certain circumstances also negative consequences can be observed.

On early terms

In the first trimester this product shows such useful properties:

  • because of a large amount of vitamin E the synthesis of hubbub of progesterone which plays an important role in the course of incubation of a fruit is stimulated in its structure in an organism of the pregnant woman;
  • softens manifestations of toxicosis, brings the toxins causing toxicosis out of an organism;
  • normalizes functioning of a liver and gall bladder that softens nausea attacks.

Important! This product is recommended to be entered into a diet gradually, previously having consulted with the doctor. At the first signs of allergic reaction it is necessary to exclude it from a diet immediately.

But also such negative qualities of a filbert can be shown:

  • it can cause the allergic reaction which is shown in the form of rash, an itch, nausea, etc.;
  • it is undesirable to use it at the excess weight — it can negatively affect the general condition of the pregnant woman;
  • at the excessive use the nausea, heartburn, locks and the general deterioration in health can be observed.

The second trimester

During this period the use of a filbert gives such pluses:

  • though the progesterone role in the second trimester is not so critical, its development stimulated by a filbert promotes normal course of pregnancy;
  • the fatty acids which are contained in a product promote formation of nervous system of the child;
  • protein of nut participates in formation of muscles and internals of the child;
  • a set of minerals and vitamins is useful to prevention of anemia.

Whether you know? At ancient Slavs the hazel grove was considered as blessed. This belief appeared from the fact that the lightning never gets to a filbert. Dual nuts stored and carried on themselves as the mascot protecting from a lightning and evil spirit. There was a belief that in a certain day of soul of the died ancestors are installed in a filbert branch. This day the magicians and sorcerers cut off the doubled branches of a hazel grove and with their help looked for ores, water and even the gone things.

Minuses from the use of a filbert the same, as on initial terms of pregnancy.

On late terms

During the final period of pregnancy the regular use of a filbert results in the following positive results:

  • general strengthening of a female body;
  • normal development of a fruit;
  • decrease in tension and the collected fatigue of the woman;
  • normalization of work of her intestines;
  • prevention of varicosity at the expense of the high content of potassium in this product;
  • reduction of risk of premature birth.

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Negative consequences from the use of a filbert can be the same, as at the previous stages of pregnancy.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

There are some contraindications to the use of a filbert.

Whether you know? Almost in all dream books of the world it is considered that if snovidets sees a filbert, then it should be interpreted as the favorable dream meaning harmony in family and private life and also success in any business undertakings. Dual nutlets are interpreted as firm friendship with people who do not betray friends.

So, it cannot be used in such cases:

  • at liver diseases;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • digestive tract diseases;
  • allergic reaction to this product;
  • in the presence of a mold on nuts.

Rules of the use

Upon purchase and the use of a filbert it is recommended to follow some rules which will help to gain the maximum positive effect from this nut:

  • it is necessary to buy the crude nuts without signs of a mold, dirt, mechanical damages since the shelled filbert pretty fast dries up and becomes soiled that reduces its consumer and useful properties;
  • existence of a mold can be determined visually and by a smell;
  • the standard daily rate of consumption of this product is 30–50 g;
  • it is admissible to use both the crude, and fried nuts, but the use of crude fruits gives bigger positive effect;
  • from this product it is possible to make useful and tasty nut drink — 40 g of pounded nuts and two teaspoons of honey on a glass of boiled milk.

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So, the filbert is extremely useful product, during pregnancy which is positively influencing both an organism of future mother and on development of a fruit. Its use in the absence of contraindications and observance of certain rules, will help to transfer easier pregnancy both physically, and psychologically. However before entering it into a diet, it is recommended to consult with the doctor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team