Whether it is possible to drink nonalcoholic wine during pregnancy

Whether it is possible to drink nonalcoholic wine during pregnancy

When the person takes alcohol, for it certain bans appear — on driving of the car, control of difficult mechanisms. For the woman in situation the specified product also is forbidden. Therefore we will try to understand article whether there is an alternative option for those who cannot refuse such alcoholic drink as wine.

Whether there is a wine nonalcoholic?

Wine which was created by Karl Jung 100 years ago is nonalcoholic. This type of alcohol differs from usual in the fact that it contains no more than 0.5% of alcohol. It is more expensive, than drinks with higher degree.

Whether you know? The most ancient bottle of wine in the world that which was found near Shpayer is considered: it was created in 325 our era. Now it is possible to look at it in the museum Pfaltsa in Germany.

Such price policy is explained by additional costs of one more stage in the system of production. In order that wine became nonalcoholic, it is heated to 78 °C. After this procedure the little change of tastes of a product is observed.

Whether nonalcoholic wine is possible for pregnant women

Do not recommend to pregnant women alcoholic beverages of any kinds. The woman should be examined and consult with the doctor who observes her, concerning whether there are no contraindications for the use even of nonalcoholic wine.

After the conclusion of the doctor she should listen to councils and to decide how to arrive in this situation. It is necessary to take into account that indications on consumption of wine drinks can differ depending on pregnancy term.

Learn whether it is possible to use beer and wine during pregnancy.

On early terms

The first trimester is very important for pregnant women as at the child the main systems of bodies are formed. For this reason it is worth refusing synthetic food, sweet water with gas, binges, even nonalcoholic. Negative sides of nonalcoholic liquid consist in:

  • emergence of allergic reaction in the form of cough or cold;
  • possible developing of malformations of a fruit or even his death;
  • organism poisoning with synthetic dyes;
  • high cost;
  • short period of storage.

There is an opinion that the consequences stated above happen, only if the girl drinks too much. But physicians claim that even regular reception of two glasses of the amusing liquid causes pathology of internals.

Therefore nothing harmful is better not to drink the first 18 weeks for an organism of mother and the kid at all.

Important! Always check a product expiration date. Low interest of alcohol in soft drink reduces its term of realization.

On late terms

Approximately from twentieth week, alcohol becomes less dangerous to the woman and her child as the most important bodies are created, and the risk of developing of pathologies considerably decreases. At the use of a moderate dose of nonalcoholic wine it is possible:

  • to get rid of fatigue;
  • to overcome insomnia;
  • to adjust work of digestive tract;
  • to improve appetite;
  • to carry out prevention of developing of a stroke;
  • to bring the organism into a tone;
  • to improve mood;
  • to prevent developing of arterial hypertension.

It is important! Remember that reduced concentration of alcohol in liquid does not speak about its absence, so, there is no full safety for the pregnant woman.

As it is correct to drink wine in situation

In the first half of pregnancy it is forbidden to drink wine in any doses. After the twentieth week the woman can drink no more than 100 ml of soft drink a week. It is recommended to dilute with water. Better that this dose was divided into several receptions.

For time it is possible to drink only couple of spoons. So, all products which at least contain alcohol in the slightest measure are not completely safe for future mothers. For this reason all listed drink pluses with the lowered degree can become useful only in rare instances when the woman and a fruit are completely healthy and have no allergy to components of the specified product.

Whether you know? Soft drinks (wine, beer) contain as much alcohol how many both one-percentage kefir and one and a half percent kvass.

Therefore it is better to refrain from alcoholic products till twentieth week of term or in general to postpone their reception.

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