Whether it is possible to lose weight on cellulose?

Whether it is possible to lose weight on cellulose?

Many heard that intake of cellulose promotes weight loss, but whether so it actually and how to put this method into practice?

Cellulose is the food fibers which are a part of vegetable food. Also cellulose is on sale in the form of special dietary supplement.

As cellulose works

Coming to a stomach, fibers of cellulose bulk up, creating feeling of saturation. Then, passing on intestines, food fibers have positive effect on its microflora. As a result - digestion and exchange processes improves.

Also It should be noted that cellulose slows down absorption of carbohydrates from food for this reason the whole apple with a peel - a product much more dietary, than a glass of apple juice in which cellulose almost doesn't contain.

Advantage of cellulose

  • Simplification of enzymatic function
  • Absorption of salts of heavy metals
  • Improvement of work of a liver
  • Normalization of level of sugar in blood
  • Restoration of intestinal microflora and prevention of locks
  • Clarification from slags and improvement of a condition of skin

Harm of cellulose

Cellulose has also a protivopokazniya, for example, presence of gastritis, stomach ulcer, tendency to colitis, a meteorizm and swelling. Besides, a large amount of cellulose preepyatstvut to digestion of calcium and can lead to violation of acid-base balance of intestines. Without the sufficient volume of liquid the excessive intake of cellulose can lead to GIT problems.

Day norm of cellulose

For men up to 50 years the standard daily rate of cellulose is no more than 40 g, after 50 years - no more than 30 g. Women up to 50 years can use 25 g of cellulose daily. After 50 years this quantity should be reduced by 5 g. If to measure by products, then the approximate standard daily rate of food fibers contains in 1 kg of apples or pears or in 300 g of whole-grain bread or in 50 g of bran.

As it is correct to accept cellulose

If you decided to apply a kletchaka in the form of dietary supplements, then it is necessary to begin gradually, with small portions with the use of enough liquid - to or at meal time. It is also possible to add food fibers to ready-to-eat meals.

Over time the amount of cellulose can be increased, but at the same time not to exceed day norm. A reception course - 2 months, then it is necessary to make few months of a break.  

Whether really cellulose helps to lose weight

Cellulose doesn't influence weight directly, but increases saturation and reduces feeling of hunger and also energy value of food. As a result gradually also extra kilos leave.

Cocktail from kefir with cellulose

  • 1 glass of kefir
  • 1 h spoon of cellulose (dietary supplement)

Fill in cellulose with kefir and leave for the night for swelling, to drink to or instead of a breakfast in the morning.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team