Chizhevsky's chandelier: harm or advantage?

Chizhevsky's chandelier: harm or advantage?

Air which we breathe has direct impact on the state of health of the person. It contains certain chemical elements and so-called ions which differ in a charge as in them exists or the shortage of electrons, or on the contrary — excessive quantity. Ions of air are capable to influence a human body. For this reason air should be ionized with use of a chandelier of Chizhevsky to load some particles and by that to improve its structure.

What is it

Mean the special device which allows to load air with ions by Chizhevsky's chandelier.

Whether you know? The concept ion for the first time began to be used by the scientist Michael Faraday in 1834 when he studied conductivity of electric current. He defined that electricity can extend in case of availability of certain charged particles in a certain environment which were called ions.

Long time the famous biophysicist Alexander Chizhevsky who managed to create the certain ionizer allowing to influence a condition of air was engaged in the invention of a chandelier.

Chizhevsky in the honor, respectively, did not call the device — it happened later when began to use a phrase Chizhevsky's chandelier at production and sale of the device.

This scientist a long time investigated composition of air and came to a conclusion that if air is deprived of ions, it can do much harm to people and animals.

Chizhevsky's chandelier can look differently, but often it is a special design which fastens to a ceiling — perhaps for this reason this adaptation is called a chandelier.

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How does it work?

Chizhevsky's chandelier is rather simple device. In its basis — an electrode which under the influence of tension can influence acceleration of processes on development of the electrons loading air. Though some devices ionizers can differ externally from each other, their mechanism of action absolutely identical and consists in formation of a stream of beta particles to which there is a collision of microparticles of air. Thanks to it process of their ionization also begins.

Important! Differences in devices can consist only in intensity of streams of electrons.

It is very simple to use Chizhevsky's chandelier: for this purpose it is necessary to air previously the room where there is adaptation then, having closed all windows and doors to include a chandelier for 15 minutes.

People should not be in the room where there is an air clarification.

After 15 minutes it is possible to come into the room, to switch off a chandelier and to breathe clean air within half an hour. Gradually stay in the ionized room should be increased till 3 o'clock in day.

It is also necessary to consider the fact that the draft can carry away very quickly the air loaded with ions therefore throughout all session it is necessary that doors and windows were densely closed. It is also worth noting that residents of megalopolises after use of the device sometimes complained of a headache and dizziness. This process absolutely normal as these symptoms can arise only from a surplus of fresh and clean air.

You should not suffer from a headache: that your health did not worsen, simply reduce the time spent in the room with the ionized air.

From a headache such officinal herbs will help: leaves of cowberry, linden, hawthorn, motherwort and bearberry.

In what advantage

Disputes over an occasion of advantage of this device do not stop still. Nevertheless there is a set of the experiments allowing to prove positive impact on the person if it is correct to use the device.

Distinguish the following from positive impact:

  • The resistance to long work increases and improvement of intellectual opportunities is looked through, the positive impact of ions on a psychoemotional and physical state is also noted.
  • The risk of defeat of an organism a heart attack and a stroke decreases. Because the shortage of aeroions in the air environment harms a cardiovascular system, this adaptation is capable to solve a problem.
  • Respiratory exchange and digestion of oxygen is normalized.
  • Harmful bacteria are destroyed, the risk of influenzal and catarrhal diseases decreases.
  • The immunity as adaptation minimizes influence of negative factors on an organism becomes stronger.

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  • The general condition of an organism improves, the mood increases. As the ionizer purifies air, creating the favorable atmosphere, its purity and freshness are felt, nervous system calms down, the mood increases.

Whether harm is possible

Great number of scientists still are skeptical about positive impact of the ionizer on a human body. The set of researches which had to confirm harmful effects of a chandelier of Chizhevsky was about it conducted, but proofs it was not shown.

It is necessary to add that living in the southern regions and near mountains inhale more ionized air, than that which is loaded with a chandelier of Chizhevsky, but any harmful effects on an organism they do not test. To have an idea of possible harm from use of this adaptation, it is necessary to pay attention to the following items:

  • Use of a chandelier can increase load of a human body, especially if the state is characterized by the general exhaustion and feeling sick strengthened by chronic diseases.
  • Emergence of symptoms of bronchial asthma is possible. Up to the end it is not established whether adaptation influences work of lungs therefore to claim what this state is connected with, precisely it is impossible.

Whether you know? The invention of a chandelier of Chizhevsky is considered bright achievement of the XX century. In the USA, in 1939, the First international congress on biophysics nominated the scientist to the Nobel Prize.

  • Violation in normal functioning of a cardiovascular system of an organism is possible. Direct proofs of developing of heart troubles do not exist, but nevertheless some patients note deterioration in a state when using a chandelier.

Contraindications to use of the device

To application of a chandelier of Chizhevsky it is necessary to carry the following problems with health to contraindications:

  • bronchial asthma which is followed by heart failure;
  • hypertension and heart failure in a severe form;
  • renal failure;
  • sclerosis and angiospasms;
  • atrophy of a mucous nasopharynx;
  • organism exhaustion after transferring of a serious illness;
  • tuberculosis and diseases, are connected with oncology, 2-3 stages.

Important! Using the device, first of all it is necessary to remember, that excessive stay in the room with the ionized air can lead to unforeseen consequences, as in the course of operation of the device in large numbers ozone is emitted that affects health of the person and is shown in the form of fatigue, irritability and headaches.

Thus, use of a chandelier of Chizhevsky has positive impact on the person if to observe recommendations about application and to consider specific features of an organism. You should not forget also about contraindications to use of this adaptation not to subject an organism to excess loading and not to aggravate the state of health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team