How to become disabled?

How to become disabled?

In life there are different situations, and sometimes the person understands that he cannot fully work more because of presence of any disease. In this case it is just necessary to learn how to become disabled and at what illnesses it can be issued.

How to receive group on disability - the general rules

It is necessary to begin with visit of the therapist. It will be necessary to tell the expert about what symptoms are shown how long they are observed by doctors and the person what measures were taken for their elimination. It is also necessary to report to the therapist about the decision to address the commission for disability existence recognition. After that the doctor will write out the directions on surveys which, as a rule, are carried out permanently.

When passing inspections it is important to behave correctly. First, in detail describe symptoms, secondly, tell how the disease influences your working activity, and, at last, you watch that doctors entered all similar data in the medical record. After passing of inspection collect documents. Except the medical record and its copy it will be required:

  1. Passport and its copy.
  2. Copy of the service record and certificate of the salary.
  3. The application for survey and the direction (they can be received at the doctor).
  4. Cards of other medical institutions if they are available.

The decision on assignment of group of disability is made by the special commission on which time of collecting you will be notified by the attending physician. It should be noted that not each disease is the basis for registration of the direction on the commission. For example, many people do not know whether it is possible to become disabled at hepatitis C or is not present. Experts say that only if this disease caused damage of a liver, it is possible to count on disability registration. Otherwise the decision of the commission, most likely, will be negative. This rule concerns also other diseases, the high cost of drugs is not the basis for receiving privileges, only the impossibility of a message full-fledged life promotes the positive decision of the commission.

How to become disabled after a stroke?

After the had stroke it can be appropriated both 1, and the 2 or 3 group of disability. When passing the commission it is necessary to prove that the person cannot conduct full-fledged life, for example, of restriction in movements or partial loss or decrease in visual acuity, or that the disease proceeds extremely hard and there is a risk of deterioration in health.

Depending on weight of consequences the group of disability will be appointed and also the program of rehabilitation is developed. Re-examination should be undergone not more often than 1 time in 6 months.

How to become disabled on sight?

In this case the person should undergo inspection at the oculist. Not only the visual acuity, but also internal pressure and also an eye bottom will be checked at the same time. In certain cases also passing of inspection on the device MRT is appointed. If partial loss of sight or its considerable deterioration it is proved, then the chance to issue disability is rather high.

How to become disabled on neurology?

It should be noted that not each disease from this area can be the basis for disability registration. And many experts just do not recommend to receive such diagnosis, to remove it then, in case of need it will very not be simple. But, if there is no exit, then it is necessary to visit the neurologist, to explain what symptoms disturb full-fledged life. If it is established that the ZPR disease or a sensomotor alaliya really takes place to be, then disability, most likely, will be issued.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team