How to obtain the license for alcohol?

How to obtain the license for alcohol?

Control over turnover of alcoholic products, perhaps, one of the most strict because it is big article of replenishment of the government budget. Sale of alcohol without the accompanying license threatens not only an impressive penalty, but also a prison term, depending on the obtained material benefit.

Are exposed to licensing alcoholic products with a strength more than 15%, easier drinks can be sold without this document. Selling of alcohol in public places of the medical direction, educational and educational institutions and sports purpose is not allowed. Also stations, bus stations, the airports are places where constantly big flows of people to organize an institution, with sale of hard liquors it is necessary not closer than for hundred meters from an entrance.

Influences obtaining the license what sale of alcohol is meant, on retail and wholesale is given licenses of a different type. An indispensable condition for obtaining the necessary document is the area of the trade building if it is about shops and places of public catering, then the area of such place has to beat more than 50 sq.m, at wholesale selling of alcohol the necessary area has to be more than 100 sq.m, and additional requirements to warehouse.

What is necessary to obtain the license for alcohol?

In order that the treasured document appeared in hands it is necessary:

  1. Registration of the businessman as legal entity.
  2. To register firm, the enterprise (Ltd company, closed joint stock company, joint stock company).
  3. To make the statement with a license request for extradition, it is possible supervisory authority, in electronic form on the official site, in your region.
  4. To provide the lease or documents confirming property on the room in which realization will be made.
  5. Providing the certificate which confirms existence of the active account for money turnover in registration bodies.
  6. The check about payment of the state collecting for a type of activity.
  7. If it is about trade in alcohol in already existing shop, then in addition it will be required to provide an extract from the general register of legal entities and competent assessment of a property asset.

How to obtain the license for production of alcohol?

The procedure in principle is similar to obtaining the trade license except that for obtaining the license a type of activity it is necessary to specify in the statement – production, storage and delivery of alcoholic and alcohol-containing food products. Instead of documents for the floor space, it is necessary to provide documents for the production room and warehouses for storage.


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