How to get rid of flower midge

How to get rid of flower midge

Often the excessive amount of moisture in the earth, or simply infected purchased soil, is led to emergence of midges in pots with houseplants. It is necessary to get rid of ""uninvited guests"" to prevent destruction of root system of plant and its subsequent death.

It is required to you

  • - potassium permanganate
  • - soap
  • - the special means created for treatment for midge


1. Sort the flowers infected with midge from healthy. It will help to stop further infection with larvae of midge. However, it is possible to carry out preventive processing of all houseplants, possibility that the others already have managed to get sick, it is big. Do not leave sick plants together with healthy at all, otherwise your efforts on treatment will not bring benefit.

2. You watch that soil in pot was not too wet. Souring of soil leads to cultivation of flower midge.

3. Make solution of potassium permanganate with water. Water with it the infected soil. Not to burn the received structure flower, take care of that solution was not too strong. Water has to be slightly pinkish.

4. Water the soil with the small amount of soap divorced in it. The soap structure will help to get rid of midge without causing notable harm to the plant.

5. On all earth surface in which the flower grows spread out the garlic segments cut on thin plates.

6. Thrust to the earth of several dried pieces of orange dried peel.

7. Buy in shop with goods on care for window plants the special means created for treatment for midge. Not to damage chemical means plant, it is necessary to follow most correctly the instruction to medicine. At dispersion of means use gloves and mask. After the procedure it is necessary to air the room. Protect from influence of dangerous medicine of animals and children.

8. If after all it was not succeeded to get rid of flower midge, using above-mentioned methods, replace the infected soil and regularly check it further. At small infection remove the top layer of the soil, without touching at the same time root system, and on its place fill up fresh soil.

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