Interior finish of the living room in country house

Interior finish of the living room in country house

Business people who carry out the most part of the life in traffic jams or at stuffy offices, decide to create for themselves sooner or later the place where it is possible just to recover the breath and have a rest sometimes. Generally the country house with the adjacent territory becomes such place. People usually want to embody in this house all that cannot be made on floors of the city apartment, to add comfort and cosiness.

Of course, as well as in any house, there has to be living room here. It is possible to issue it in any pleasant style, beginning from classical finishing with style of country. Even the most courageous decisions in country house will look adequately and fascinating. In the living room the place to fireplace, is very fashionable to put electrofireplaces now, but, alas, in them firewood will not crackle, giving feeling of the fairy tale.

It is possible to issue the living room in style of country, then linen napkins, cloths and covers just for decoration will be basic elements of decor. Elements from tree will perfectly emphasize this style, it can be partitions on ceiling, wooden frames for windows, table-tops, stools and floors. This style has set of variations for experimenting.

Of course, the design of rooms in classic style which is followed by large number of free space and use of natural materials will never become outdated. The style is suitable both for young people, and for people of old age. Various variations which will give to the living room the special motives which are thought up by owners are also possible.

The style of country is perfectly combined with classical that allows to add to soft sofas the pillows and covers embroidered by bright patterns for sconce. In similar style it is necessary to take care of lighting, especially if floor area big and is zoned. In that case it is necessary, besides the main central lighting, on perimeter to add the small highlighting elements which depending on need can shine brighter or priglushenny.

Also, if the living room is combined with kitchen, then over table-tops it is possible to hang up separate lighting that the work area was well visible. The main thing that in this place to all family members and guests it was comfortable and cozy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team