House cosmetics for the person on the basis of a camomile

House cosmetics for the person on the basis of a camomile

Useful properties of a camomile were found still by our great-grandmothers who used it for preparation of the most various medicines. The most noticeable feature is antiseptic action, but, in addition, there are and many other, not less useful abilities of this plant. We suggest you to get acquainted with a possibility of application of a camomile at face skin care in modern conditions.

Advantage for face skin

Medical abilities of each plant are explained by its structure therefore there is nothing surprising in that, as curative properties of a camomile — a merit of the organic acids which are contained in it, vitamins and minerals.

It is necessary to distinguish caprylic acid, flavonoids from the most significant, hamazulen, carotene, is well-cared, polysaccharides, coumarins, nicotinic and ascorbic acids, essential oils. All of them help to solve the most typical cosmetology problems, not only disinfecting the surface of skin, but also promoting its regeneration.

In particular, by means of the recipes of various means given below it is possible to cope with such troubles:

  • irritation of skin;
  • rashes;
  • the increased time;
  • the increased skin oiliness;
  • puffiness and bruises under eyes;
  • pigmentary spots;
  • decrease in elasticity of an integument;
  • dryness and thinning of face skin.

In addition to all these advantages the specified plant also is hypoallergenic, and it means that you can safely use broths or infusions even with tendency to allergic manifestations.

Important! For bigger efficiency of means on the basis of a camomile for daily face care it is better to prepare every day as, having stayed day, they lose a considerable part of the useful properties.

How to make camomile decoction

If you are interested in recipes of traditional medicine, then for certain know how many various options exist, especially if are about such popular plant as a camomile. Certainly, we will not be able to tell about all from them, but we will precisely discuss the most popular.


For the most traditional way of preparation of broth from the described plant you need 30 g of the fresh or dried-up flowers of a camomile and 300 ml of usual clear water. The prepared raw materials just are filled in with water in the enameled vessel and are located on fire and as soon as mix begins to boil, fire is a little removed and boiled five more minutes.

Ready broth should be filtered and filled in in densely closed capacity for the further dosed use. It is ideal for application instead of usual tonic therefore you can quietly wipe with it a face in the morning and in the evening.

Study useful properties of vitamins A, E and essential oils on face skin.

Frozen in molds for ice

The prepared camomile broth if desired can be used and frozen for what it is enough to fill in of it in icetrays and to send to some time to the freezer.

Cold, together with medical broth of a plant, gives the chance to strengthen vessels of the person, to accelerate blood-groove speed in capillaries and to improve elasticity of an integument. Is ideal for use by women after 25 years.

It will be necessary for preparation of such unusual tonic for you:

  • camomile flowers — 22 g;
  • water — 100 ml;
  • cocoa butter — 19 droplets.

In the cosmetic purposes oils of walnut, colza, a flax, a dogrose, a thistle, a tea tree, avocado, a peach, rosemary, almonds, jojoba are also used.

Mostly process of preparation is based on creation of the concentrated broth which needs to be filtered before receiving absolutely transparent liquid subsequently and to add to it cocoa butter.

Use the received means after removal from a face of cosmetics (usually in the evening), moving cubes on lines of a lymph flow with the slow and sliding movements. After implementation of the procedure it is necessary only to apply the moisturizing gel to skin.

Important! Skin in the field of a century is wiped counterclockwise.

How to prepare infusion

Depending on what you need folk remedy for, it is possible to prepare not only water, but also oil or even dairy camomile infusion. Let's consider a recipe for each option more attentively.


This option is usually applied as light laxative, bile-expelling and sudorific. Moreover, water camomile infusion possesses also some other, not less positive properties: soothing, calming, anti-inflammatory, emollient.

It can be used at stomach diseases at children, spasms and pains at adults and also at spasms, failure of a menstrual cycle and other female specific diseases. Recipe for water infusion following: one tablespoon of flowers of a plant should be filled in with 250 ml of boiled water and to leave for half an hour in the closed vessel. After this time it is necessary only to filter infusion and to accept its hot on one third of a glass before meal 3-4 times a day. Children means are given on one teaspoon few times in day.


One of the most interesting recipes of camomile infusions is oil, or simply — camomile oil. Its creation provides cold preparation for which it is necessary to prepare one glass of the dried-up flowers of a plant and 500–600 ml of any vegetable oil which is picked up according to your type of skin in the simplest option (for example, almond, olive or even usual sunflower).

It is necessary to fill in with an oily base the prepared raw materials and to leave to infuse for 2-2.5 weeks. Certainly, during this time the container with infusion needs to be shaken up periodically. Once you will see that all flowers already at the bottom — consider, oil infusion is ready. After filtering the received means can be stored within a year, using for removal of cosmetics as a component of masks for skin or an ukutyvaniye of hair. Besides, such infusion perfectly will be suitable also for greasing of the damaged sites of skin or the coarsened zones.

If desired you can create oil infusion and a hot way: warming up the received mix on a water bath within 10 minutes, and then having left it to infuse in the dark place for 10 days.

As well as the previous option, ready infusion perfectly will be suitable for the solution of problems of dermatological character, will help to cope with varicosity, diseases of gums and joints.


During creation of camomile infusion it is possible to apply not only purified water, oil or alcohol, but also even hot cow's milk. The received means perfectly is suitable for moistening and face cleaning, and creation of dairy infusion on one glass of dry florets requires 0.5 liters of just boiled milk then the capacity used for mixing is densely closed and leave to infuse within several hours. As soon as the camomile well infuses on milk, mix should be filtered and placed in the fridge from where it is got for regular wiping of face skin subsequently. Especially relevant such means will be in summertime, at a high probability of a peresushivaniye or exhaustion of an integument though useful it will be also for owners of dry skin.

It is important! If you have oily skin, then sour-milk infusion which is prepared according to the same scheme, but with increase in idle time to 1-2 days will approach more. During this time milk will be able well to turn sour, and infusion will become excellent structure for food and clarification of a fat integument.

How to apply broth and infusion

There are different ways of use of camomile infusion or broth, but most often women try not to invent anything difficult and just wash or wipe a face with the prepared means. However, at treatment of problems of dermatological character, compresses and lotions from them will be useful.

Washing and wiping of the person

It is considered to be that it is possible to wash only clear flowing water that, actually, many and do, but much more pleasant and useful will be washing by infusion and camomile decoction.

Besides, some types of skin do not suit standard option at all therefore for a dry, problem and sensitive integument of the person the camomile can become the real rescue, having replaced daily water procedures.

In technology of implementation of the procedure there is nothing difficult, it is rather simple to prepare infusion and after it cools down to room temperature, to moisten in it a cotton tampon.

After that from a face delete with massage movements all pollution, at the same time toning up, refreshing and leveling tone of the person. Several times a week you can replace warm infusion with ice cubes that will improve blood circulation and will take off fatigue.


Usually camomile compresses are more relevant in the presence of dermatological problems, however they can become the real rescue also when face skin was tired of constant negative impacts (for example, dry wind or constant presence of cosmetics).

In this case the compress on the basis of infusion or broth of a camomile will become the real rescue, the main thing that it was room temperature. For convenience buy in drugstore a fabric mask with openings for eyes, moisten it in the prepared structure and for ten minutes apply to the person.

After the procedure it is rather simple to rinse fabric warm water (it will not allow it to turn yellow), and it will be ready for further use. As an acceptable alternative the multilayered hank of a gauze moistened in broth and attached to the person for similar time can serve. Lotions and compresses for the person with a camomile help to calm the inflamed skin, to reduce intensity of an allergic itch and to accelerate healing after stings of insects.

Cold compresses will tone up skin, and hot perfectly expand a time, will improve blood circulation in capillaries and will promote deep cleansing. By means of lotions it is possible to get rid of bruises under eyes and to remove swellings.

Whether you know? The plant called today camomile not always carried this name. In days of old in Russia it was called anchusa, vorozhky kupalnitsa, romantsy, sosonky, hen party and other names in consonance.

Wiping by ice cubes

As we already mentioned, broths and camomile infusions are equally useful as in warm, and cold. In the latter case the ready structure is just filled in in icetrays and left in the freezer for day then means can already be applied to daily wiping of the person. It not only improves a general view of skin, but also perfectly takes off fatigue and puffiness, however, you should not resort to such method of rejuvenation at a couperosis. It is impossible to forget also about sequence of performance of wipings: at first face skin is cleaned from various pollution and only then use ice.

Also to help rejuvenate face skin application of paraffin and English masks, Spanish hiromassazh and yoga can.

If desired before freezing of broth it is possible to add to it and mint that will only increase positive result from use of ice. Anyway similar wipings are a peculiar massage, so, and it is necessary to carry out it strictly adhering to massage lines, otherwise there is a risk to stretch skin and to make it flabby.

If on a face the vascular grid or blood points is well noticeable, it is better to refuse the similar procedure.

How to make camomile masks

The advantage of a camomile could not but get to field of vision of industrial and national cosmetology, but if in purchased cosmetics there is no confidence, then independently prepared structure will definitely not be able to do much harm to skin, of course, if to its application there are no individual contraindications. Let's consider the most popular face packs on the basis of a camomile.

For dry skin

That to bring round dry face skin, will be to mix only 2-3 spoons of broth of a camomile with one yolk of egg, several drops of essential oil and a small spoon of honey enough.

Ready mix is imposed on a neck and a face for 20 minutes then wash away warm water. For optimum effect it is desirable to do such mask at least once a week.

For oily skin

Two spoons of strong camomile broth mixed with one egg white and a teaspoon of lemon juice will help to cope with a problem of oily skin of the person. Ready mix is put on a face and left there for 20 minutes after which wash away cold water. It is possible to perform such procedure 1-2 times a week, and the greasy luster will disappear.

For problem skin

Usually understand her tendency to appearance of acne rash or constant irritations as problem skin of the person. In such cases the camomile curds providing the following procedure of preparation will be ideal: two spoons of a dry grass need to be filled in with a glass of boiled water and to leave mix before swelling, and then just to add to it cottage cheese, several drops of tea tree oil and carefully to mix everything.

The ready structure is applied to the cleaned face skin and stood there within 20 minutes. Wash away a mask warm water. It is necessary to tell what after the first use of heat-spots has to be reduced, and the greasy luster completely disappears. To set the positive result, just repeat the above procedure several times.

For the growing old skin

To slow down aging of face skin, prepare a camomile mask according to the following recipe: it is necessary to add the prepared camomile decoction to two tea spoons of powder of cosmetic clay and to stir everything to a condition of dense sour cream. Also add a tea spoon of fresh juice of an aloe to mix and as much honey. After hashing the mask is put for 15 minutes on a face, then washed away by cool water, and then and camomile broth in the beginning. Such means perfectly feeds, tones up and clarifies skin, not to mention its tightening.

Whether you know? In Ancient Egypt the flowers of the described plant were traditional participants of the various rituals devoted to God of the sun by Ra.

The cleaning mask

Oat flakes will also be necessary for you for preparation of the good cleaning mask except already habitual broth. One glass of just boiled water and a half-glass of flakes have to fall on two spoons of a camomile, only the last are added after half-hour insisting of a camomile.

When after mixing the flakes begin to inflate, once again well mix everything and apply to face skin, massing it a little. In 15 minutes it will be possible to wash away a mask and to wipe a face with the remained infusion. Such means perfectly copes with the fat content of an integument and narrows pores.

Toning and anti-inflammatory

For preparation of this type of a mask besides the camomile you also need a dry peppermint which is taken in the same proportions, as flowers of the first plant. After mixing of these equal parts it is necessary to prepare infusion or broth on one of the above-stated recipes.

As soon as the toning structure is ready, add the crushed oat flakes or at once ready flour before formation of kasheobrazny consistence to it. This gruel is also put on a face, having left on it for 20 minutes. After that it will be possible to wash away means warm water.

From black dots

Will help to save the person from so-called black dots to broth of a camomile cosmetic clay. On two spoons of powder of white clay it is necessary to take a glass of broth of a camomile and to mix carefully before receiving homogeneous mass.

It is possible to remove black dots by means of lemon juice, a spirulina, a cornel, a girasol, grits, orange and a red guelder-rose.

Ready means is applied on problem sites of skin and in 15 minutes accurately is removed by means of a cotton pad and warm water. Usually the first results are noticeable after the first uses, such mask effectively removes excess fat from skin and narrows pores.

Important! When using structure avoid contact of a mask with an eye area.

How to make and for what it is used

Besides already described cosmetics on the basis of a camomile, from this remarkable plant it is also possible to make quite good tincture, a face scrub and even steam baths. Let's consider all options more attentively.


Camomile tincture, as well as some masks on its basis, helps to struggle effectively with pimples, inflammations on skin and acne rash. At daily use of such means you will forget about the specified problems in a week.

Will help to get rid of acne rash to you also: nettle, coltsfoot, cornflower, sweet cherry, pink salt, lemon, watermelon, feijoa, oils from grape seeds and sprouts of wheat.

40 g of dry flowers of a plant and 100 ml of cognac will be necessary for you for preparation of curative tincture, and process looks as follows: for a start the measured quantity of flowers needs to be poured out in dark capacity and to fill in with alcohol, and after hashing hermetically to close capacity a cover and to leave in the cool and shaded place. During the next seven days regularly shake up future tincture and as soon as it reaches the necessary readiness, move it to the fridge and use for wiping of problem sites of the person.

Face scrub

Is not more difficult to prepare a useful srub on the basis of a camomile creations of a mask from flowers of this plant at all, but before passing to active actions, it is necessary to be defined that it is necessary for you: face cleaning (in particular, and at fight against deep black dots) or a skin nourishment (such srubs are capable to peel horn scales and to promote regenerative processes, nourishing skin with vitamins).

As an abrasive component in this case the ground camomile flowers and parts of ground coffee can act. Process of preparation of a srub looks as follows:

  • flowers of a camomile fray on a small grater;
  • then mix them with fresh ground coffee;
  • warm on small fire oil (for example, almond, olive, grape, argan, etc.);
  • add vegetable oil to the received mix of a camomile and coffee.

The received means is completely ready to use and it can be put on a face directly fingers, rubbing in skin the massing movements within several minutes. Certainly, all massage movements have to be carried out in the area of mimic wrinkles: beginning from a nose bridge and slowly moving to cheekbones and temples or from the center of a forehead to the parties.

Having finished with distribution of means, leave it on a face for several minutes, and then slowly wash away. At the correct production and use of such cosmetic the positive result of its application will not keep itself waiting long: soon you will notice that skin was smoothed and became

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