Incense oil: than it is useful for what use

Incense oil: than it is useful for what use

Essential oil of an incense is known to all how a fundamental component in aromatization of smoke at implementation of religious practices. Let's understand whether only it is area in which this miracle liquid is applied and in what its value consists.

Today one of the most popular types of essential oil is palmar, and the boswelliya growing in Africa is and there is that well-known tree which of pitch receive liquid with a characteristic smell.

Still scientific of the field of botany it is not proved what type of a boswelliya is considered a source of the real incense: carteri (a growth area — East Africa and Arabia), sacra (the East of Africa, Arabian Peninsula, coast of the Indian Ocean) or dalzielii (western part of Africa), but the majority incline to the first option.

Long since locals applied an easy way of getting of oil of an incense: collected the formed pitch directly from trees without auxiliary actions, and learned to do peculiar cuts on wood bark for process acceleration later.

Learn about properties of oils of vanilla, a bergamot, camomile, melissa, orange, rosemary, a fir, jojoba, a peach, an eucalyptus, an anise, a juniper.

Moreover, people learned to calculate the period throughout which it is possible to collect as much as possible harvest: at the end of winter beginning of spring, before incessant rains, in bark of palmar trees the greatest number of juice gathers, and it means what from one plant (a tree or a bush) during this period can be collected up to 400 g of pitch.

On color and consistence of raw materials depends as well quality of radio mix: unlike a dark shade and the pitch which stuck together in lumps, its light color and separate drops provide top-quality oil. By method of distillation of water vapor also extract radio oil liquid from this substance.

Whether you know? The invention of the flavored toilet water was promoted by use of essential oils in combination with alcohol. So, in 1380 the efforts of the Hungarian technologists created toilet water for the queen of Hungary. Essential oils of rosemary, a lemon and orange and also pink water were a part of perfume.

Oil of an incense can have different smells: from bitter and tart to sweet and spicy, as with cold, and warm notes.

The gum-pitch extracted from a palmar plant contains the following elements: 56% of viscous pitch, 47% of sticky juice (gum) and only about 2% of radio oil liquid. Additional components of chemical characteristic of this product are such representatives of a class of hydrocarbons as bicyclic monoterpenes (pinene, camphene) and also alkenes and pentenes.

Nevertheless, the most active component is acid which is called boswellovy (the name comes from the name of a palmar tree). Its value is that it blocks synthesis of inflammatory substances in a human body, thus, the medicines containing palmar oil can replace many antibacterial means.

  • sharp and chronic rhinitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis and other sharp respiratory viral diseases;
  • chronic inflammatory respiratory disease;
  • skin inflammations, its withering;
  • presenilation and mimic wrinkles;
  • defeat of backs of a spinal cord;
  • bleedings of various origin;
  • infectious inflammations of kidneys and urinogenital system;
  • disorders of work of a digestive tract;
  • insomnia;
  • depressions;
  • stress and nervousness.

Important! Easy pricking and burning sensation which take place in itself (in the absence of allergic reactions and individual intolerance) after a couple of minutes can become one of side effects of palmar oil when drawing it on skin.

  • weakening;
  • calming;
  • antiflogisticheskiya;
  • restoring;
  • revitaliziruyushchiya;
  • anesteziologicheskiya;
  • anti-hemorrhagic;
  • antiseptic;
  • antimicrobial.

As for magic representations, long since was considered that the incense is capable to pacify and calm the person feeling fear and alarm, grief and grief restores magnetic fields around a human body, returns the taken-away energy and recreates the weakened aura.

Learn how to combine essential oils.

With the last purpose many psychics, magicians and other adherents of esoteric professions still use fumigating by an incense for clarification of the person from a malefice, damage, consequences of power vampirism and other.

Today the given radio mix is used not only in religious practices of a church service, but also in traditional medicine for the purpose of treatment and improvement and also applied in cosmetology and an aromatherapy.

By the way, earlier the incense was added as supportive application to composition of medical toothpastes and also plastic mass of medicinal plasters, the disperse emulsions applied at a SARS, furuncles, mastitis, purulent wounds ointments.

Now for application in the professional purposes its properties are studied by homeopathists. In addition, oil has the general antimicrobial properties and proves even when using an aromatherapy in the enclosed space, cleaning space from viruses and infections.

Whether you know? At archeological excavations of a tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922 in a sarcophagus the closed small bottles with aromas were found. It turned out that this essential oil of an incense which was applied some more thousands years ago.

Folk healers recommend to use essential oil of an incense as inhalations of both the hot, and cold type lasting 5-7 minutes at catarrhal diseases.

In the first case the incense in number of 4-5 drops is connected to hot water, covered with a towel and inhale steam, previously having closed eyes in order to avoid irritations. In the second case, that is at cold inhalations, 3 drops of essential oil drip on a napkin or a clean handkerchief and inhale in themselves.

Important! Be extremely careful in use of essential oil of an incense: it is impossible to allow its penetrations on mucous an eye including couple at inhalations.

At violations of normal work of nervous system together with an incense in the aromalamp mix of citrus oils of tangerine and grapefruit and also a ylang-ylang is applied.

Essential oils including incense, a syzdavn are used in the course of meditations, thanks to the properties well influence a spiritual condition of the person, restoring his mentality and bringing a pacification. Perfectly proved such combinations as oils of a rose, a sandal-wood tree and an incense in calm of especially excited and whimsical children.

Internal reception of palmar air in the form of spirit tincture helps at inflammatory processes of an urinary system, damage of a mucous membrane of a throat, suffocation attacks, has the all-strengthening effect on immunity and also stabilizes digestion process.

  1. 7 g of an incense need to be connected from 15 ml of medical alcohol with a strength of 96%.
  2. This consistence needs to be insisted in the warm and dark place.
  3. After 7-8 days it is possible to use palmar tincture in number of 10 drops for once twice a day before meal.

External use of oil of an incense in the form of putting ointments which part it is is made at treatment of skin diseases (abscesses, furuncles, other damages of epidermis), defeat of cartilaginous tissue, joints and other components of skeletal system of the person.

  1. To mix an incense (10 g), vaseline (100 g) and previously kindled pork fat (100 g).
  2. To heat a combination of the above-stated elements by method of a water bath.
  3. To stir slowly before full dissolution and acquisition with the mass of uniformity.
  4. It is necessary to apply ointment no more than 3-4 times a day on affected areas of a body.

The homeland of essential oils Egypt as exactly there once there lived World War I beauties Nefertiti and Cleopatra applying these oils to maintenance of the youth and beauty by right is considered. Incense oil not an exception.

For example, palmar bathtubs affect rasslablyayushche and soothingly not only nervous system of the woman, but also a condition of her skin, interfering with withering, dryness and presenilation.

  1. To add 4-5 drops of air of an incense to 0.5 l of cream, milk, honey or previously dissolved sea salt (one of four components — at choice).
  2. It is good to mix and pour out this mix in a bathtub with half the gathered warm water, but is not hotter at all (a limit — +38 °C).
  3. 2-3 times in a week lasting about 15-20 minutes are expedient to carry out water procedures.

Important! At reception of palmar bathtubs the subsequent additional moistening of skin lotion or a milk for a body will help to reach the best effect, and in combination with lavender oil (1-2 drops in lotion or 5 drops in water for reception of a bathtub) the quiet and deep sleep is provided to you.

Essential oil of an incense is universal for any type of skin: problem (at pimples, ulcers, furuncles, eels), fat (reduces release of skin secretion), dry (restores lipidic exchange, tones up and updates). It can be added to any creams, lotions, gels, tonics in proportions: 4 drops of oil on 10 ml of a basic basis.

Experts also recommend to use it for acceleration of growth of hair and for their strengthening. For this purpose oil liquid is added in the same proportions to shampoos, balms or conditioners.

Will help to relax and also will be promoted skin softening, recovery of its elasticity and smoothing of wrinkles by massage by the special mix consisting of incense oil (5 drops) and massage cream (10 ml).

It is important to know how essential oils influence skin and hair.

One of ways of use of essential oil of an incense is its transformation to special perfume. Today many female representatives involve this radio liquid to draw attention of men.

It is possible to make such unique miracle mix in house conditions. For this purpose any oily base or alcohol (1 spoon) to which are added undertakes (on 1 drop): oil of an incense, lime, lemon, lavender, ylang-ylang, cedar, muscat sage and also 2 drops of oil patchouli. Such spirits will not leave indifferent any man!

Before any use of essential oil of an incense the women in situation in a strict order need to consult with the doctor as the organism of each pregnant woman is individual, and it is unknown how it will react to this unusual aroma.

  • oncological diseases, presence of cancer tumors;
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • chronic autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis;
  • system red wolf cub (Liebman's disease);
  • scaly deprive;
  • allergic reactions;
  • individual intolerance.

It is impossible to apply oil together with the medicines containing iron because of their incompatibility and also it is necessary to be extremely careful when drawing on an eye area and at steam inhalations.

Summing up the result, we will note that essential palmar oil is the unique means having a wide range of application because of medical and well influencing the general condition of an organism and skin of properties which, nevertheless, needs to be applied with care.

Incense the smell very much is pleasant, EM does not remind a smell of church to me at all, there is no such here association directly. At first tried to burn pitch on coals, but from it even if to allow to burn through (or to protlet) to coal - all the same a dymovukha in the room be healthy! Over time found an optimal variant of a vozzhiganiye: took a usual thick glass tumbler, down put the lit candle for the aromalamp, from above on a glass put a grid for a coal vozzhiganiye (similar to a tea-strainer, only big). That pitch did not dig a candle, put a small piece of a food foil. Well and on a foil already a pitch piece. The effect was pleasant to me from such way more, and there is no dymovukha in the room. After a voskurivaniye the smell keeps in the room very long time - day 3. I use EM at occupations yoga or to clean space before occupations, or I umashchatsya, without forgetting to dilute in base.


I bought incense EM especially for hair since I at other forum saw positive responses. I add to shampoo and a mask. The effect is, but, I think, not only from an incense since I use many different assets and EM for hair. But it seems to me, at the expense of smolyanistost, the incense has to increase elasticity of a hair (similar to a pine, a sandal-wood tree, a cedar). The fresh smell, a little coniferous, very pleasant, is well combined with a lavender, rosemary, a cedar.

Jasmine flower

:-) The incense effectively reduces top - the systolic pressure, the lower diastolic pressure and pulse, is repeatedly checked at observations from 4 people for all 4th makes such impact, at a hypertension keeps pressure by means of cold inhalations within 3-h-5-ti minutes within 5 hours, I the doctor am not it just personal observations, is glad to share a personal experiment


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