Recipe for laundry soap in house conditions: application in life and medicine"

Recipe for laundry soap in house conditions: application in life and medicine"

Once extremely demanded, nowadays laundry soap receded into the background and occupies rather modest niche against the background of other detergents. Nevertheless thanks to some properties and now it like soap has areas of application.

Soap of this type may contain in the structure no more than 72% and not less than 70.5% of fatty acids (1st category), from 69% to 70% (2nd category) or of 64% up to 65% (3rd category). Despite the floating content of acids, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd categories are always marked, respectively, 72%, 70% and 65%. However, now it is quite often possible to meet samples of this product and without such marking.

One more feature of this product is rather high content of alkali which can fluctuate from 0.15% to 0.2%. It provides high value of a pH value (acidity) pH which value is 11-12 units. Besides, animal or vegetable fats, a kaolin (white clay), sodium and water are a part of a product.

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Animal fats or different types of vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, soy, cotton) can be initial raw materials from which the product is made. Use of palm oil is allowed. Besides, caustic is involved in production of soap rubbed (caustic soda).

Whether you know? For the first time laundry soap began to be produced in Marseille in the 17th century. On the production site it was called then Marseilles, it was made on the basis of olive oil.

Laundry soap possesses excellent antibacterial action that the antiseptics allows to apply successfully it in quality. So, soap solution process scratches, cuts, the festered wounds, small burns, bruises, hypostases. Soap baths use for disposal of callosities-natoptyshey and cracks standing and also fungal diseases of nails.

Apply this product in a complex with remedies and to treatment of such diseases as the milkwoman and a potnitsa. As prevention from an infection apply soap solution on the internal surface of nostrils. The essential positive effect is observed also after processing by soap solution of places of stings of blood-sicking insects.

Important! In the medical purposes it is recommended to use habitual yellowy-brown bars with marking of 72% as others can not correspond to state standard specification, contain various additives which reduce medical effect of soap and even do it unsuitable for this purpose.

Such type of soap and in cosmetology is used. So, the mask from it helps to get rid of pimples and face blackheads. Sometimes recommend to wash periodically hair and the head with soap solution that in certain cases saves from dandruff and improves appearance of hair (in more detail about it it will be told below).

In soap solution objects of private use, such as hairbrushes, toothbrushes, basts and manicure tools disinfect. Use this product for cleaning of rooms when there are increased requirements to purity. Well and, at last, laundry soap perfectly washes things and removes dirt from a body.

In different situations laundry soap can show not only the useful properties about which it is told above, but also to do a certain harm. Let's consider results of its action on concrete examples.

On application of this product for washing of the head and hair there are various points of view. According to one of them, this soap which is made only of natural components, possessing antibacterial action and the excellent washing qualities helps to support hair in a fine state and also saves from dandruff.

Opponents specify that the increased alkali content in a product promotes removal of a protective cover of hair, their peresushivaniye. As a result hair become dim, lifeless, not well-groomed by sight.

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Estimates of the women trying to use this soap differ — from delighted responses to full disappointment. Possibly, such dispersion of opinions occurs because the organism of any person has features. Besides the detergents, cosmetics and hair-dye used earlier can influence results of application.

One more explanation for negative effect of use — hair and skin need just to get used to transition to new detergent and a transition period can take several weeks.

It is important! As we see, use of laundry soap for washing of hair and the head results in ambiguous results so here it is necessary to experiment at own risk, and it is better to consult with the expert. Anyway people are not recommended to use this means with dry hair and dry skin.

Usefulness of use of laundry soap for clarification the persons reason it with structure from natural components, bactericidal properties and ability to qualitatively purify skin. However you should not use often this product as in this case skin becomes dry and less resistant to various infections, on it there can be an irritation.

More often the product is used for drawing up the cleaning mask. For this purpose grate a small amount of soap, heat by means of a water bath, shake up, add a soda teaspoon, all carefully mix and put mix on a face. The mask is maintained by 30 minutes then wash away warm water.

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It is also possible to apply soap solution pointwise, on certain sites of skin. Usually act in the presence of an acne this way — the inflammatory disease of skin accompanied with emergence of eels and pimples.

For intimate hygiene this means can be used. Its plus are the same antibacterial properties. It is recommended to apply it to women at the milkwoman, but it will not replace full treatment but only will add it.

At the same time it is necessary to remember that frequent use of this means leads to violation of natural microflora of mucous membranes and also dries up skin. Usually apply laundry soap not more often than two times a week, at the milkwoman is more often, but in this question it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

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Besides usual removal of dirt from legs, laundry soap is used also for other purposes. So, with its help struggle with perspiration of legs. For this purpose it is possible not to be limited to simple washing, and to use special leg baths.

They are trained simply: grate soap, add a small amount of warm water, carefully all mix and apply the formed weight to foot skin. In such condition of a leg stand minutes fifteen, then all wash away. The procedure is carried out twice a week.

Quite often legs are surprised a fungal infection (onikhomikozy). For treatment use soap solution which is applied on the struck places. Such way, as a rule, does not save from a fungus in itself, but can become effective addition to other medicines. Important before its application to consult with the doctor.

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It is not recommended to wash children with laundry soap, at least while they are not three years old, they have too gentle skin. Besides such product reduces only the formed protective properties of skin that increases risk of diseases. Usual soap is also not useful for small children, the best option for them — children's soap.

It is recommended to use this product for washing of dogs only in the most extreme cases if they too are polluted and other means fully do not help. If to wash the pet with such means it is regular, it reduces protective properties of leather and wool, the appearance worsens, everything can end with loss of wool and irritation of skin.

Such use of laundry soap is quite admissible, and it is for this purpose better to use a product with marking of 65%.

Directly for washing the liquid means prepares for what grate about 40 grams of a product, mix it from 50 ml of hot water, mix before full dissolution on a water bath, then add a half of liter more of hot water.

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After cooling add four tablespoons of glycerin and a tablespoon of vodka to mix. The turned-out means is poured in the suitable corked capacity then use as usual detergent.

Actually, the main destination of this product is a washing so they can erase and it is necessary. Hand wash is carried out or in soap solution (it is possible to replace it with liquid laundry soap), or use soap bar for rubbing of objects of washing.

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At machine wash this product is not recommended to be used. As a last resort prepare solution from 50 grams of economic soap, 40 grams of soda and liter of water. Solution is added directly to a drum of the machine. After such washing it is necessary to clean the washing machine by means of the appropriate means containing citric acid.

Once laundry soap was almost irreplaceable for washing and washing of ware, but then it was pressed by modern means of household chemicals. Nevertheless this product is rather widely used, and not always for the intended purpose.

Whether you know? In the USSR approximately in the forties of the last century the legend extended that laundry soap is produced from corpses of vagrant cats and dogs. However still this legend is confirmed with nothing.

Household application is not limited to washing and washing of ware. For example, sometimes wash with soap solution eggs for prevention of salmonellosis. The same solution is used for disinfection of rooms, to them wash the floors, doors, the kitchen equipment, etc. For preservation of arrows on trousers grate with dry soap fabric along arrows from a wrong side then iron the iron from outer side.

As it was already told above, laundry soap is used as antiseptics, process them wounds, small burns, bruises, etc. In a complex with medicines it is used and for treatment of the milkwoman, fungal infections, an acne. As prevention and treatment of catarrhal diseases process soap solution of a bosom of a nose.

This product does not do special harm. In certain cases it can cause allergic reaction, also it is not recommended to be used for a washing to people with dry skin. Small children cannot apply it in the hygienic or medical purposes. Modern samples of a product which I do not correspond to state standard specification and contain various chemical additives, it is possible to use only for washing or washing of hands.

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Classical look is lumpy soap without wrapper with the squeezed-out marking of 65%, 70% and 72%. It can have various coloring, from yellow to dark brown. Dark color means that such sample to a lesser extent was exposed to cleaning of impurity by production. All options of use of laundry soap in the medical or medical purposes are possible only with such bars.

Other samples of this product also are also presented at the market. It is possible to get the white flavored pieces and also the liquid, pastelike and powdery product packed as appropriate.

The period of storage of the packed soap usually makes two years. It is necessary to store it in the cool room closed from direct sunshine without the increased humidity, at a temperature it is not below zero. The products unpacked are usually stored in the same conditions no more than a year, at increase in a period of storage begin to dry and burst.

This product can be made also in house conditions. For a start it is necessary to attend to acquisition of rubber economic gloves, a respirator, an apron and goggles.

Production requires liter of vegetable oil (olive or sunflower), 150 g of a caustic natr (caustic soda) and 380 ml of cold water and also well aired room. Capacity for process of preparation has to be from stainless steel, a shovel for stirring — from the same material. All process has to happen under the included extract and to open windows, optimum somewhere at the dacha, in the fresh air.

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On scales the necessary amount of caustic soda and water is precisely measured, soda carefully pours out in water when stirring. In the course of stirring the capacity begins to heat up, it is necessary to continue to stir slowly before soda dissolution (there can be a deposit). Then soda solution carefully joins the warmed-up oil. The received weight accurately is stirred slowly, gradually it begins to get denser and brighten. For acceleration of process it is possible to use the mixer (after this procedure the mixer for anything another cannot be used already).

When weight gains smetanoobrazny consistence (with use of the mixer approximately in 40 minutes), it is spilled on the prepared tanks. It can be, for example, the cut-off packages from under juice. Next day soap is ready to application.

So, laundry soap thanks to the properties is quite widely used and today, and the fields of its application are very various, from washing before treatment of some diseases. There are no special contraindications to its application, and the price is very attractive so probably this product will be presented at the market for a long time.

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