Liver cysts

Liver cysts

cysts – the frequent phenomenon in the form of emergence of cavities in hepatic fabric, in fact, being good-quality education consisting of an outer epithelial layer of the capsule and internal weight. And those who are especially subject to appearance of cysts it is a fine half of mankind which have a disease phenomenon in 5 times more of men.

There are true and false cystous formations. The first usually appear at the child's birth, and the second – at various traumatic situations, operations and other. Fabric of walls of the first – an epithelium, and the second – fibrous fabric which originates from a liver. Other classification by the standard – single and multiple, a parasitic and not parasitic etiology, that is the introductions of parasites connected with the phenomena (protozoa, worms and other), can be also observed polikistoz a liver. The last pathology is observed at defeat by cysts of each segment of a liver. Not an especially pleasant thing in general.

The set of theories which are supported at the different level is an etiology or the reason of appearance of cysts, one of the most plausible theories consists in emergence of liquid in the closed space of hepatic fabric then there is an accumulation of liquid and formation of the capsule. It a simple language, and here false cysts, as well as was mentioned earlier – are formed because of traumatic agents, parasites and growth of atypical fabrics.

Symptomatology happy simple – pain, discomfort, weight in the place of localization of a cyst, and on the early periods there are no symptoms as all complaints appear in process of increase in the cyst. Pain is localized under the right podreberye where there is a liver, nausea, vomiting and a liquid chair develop. Pain can amplify at active physical activity. The accompanying symptoms is loss of appetite, a general malaise and weakness.

In rare instances at the big sizes of a cyst the increase in a surface of a stomach and protrusion, emergence of icteric coloring on skin and skler can come to light. Also complications at inflammation of contents of a cyst, suppuration and gap are possible.

It is possible to diagnose a cyst by means of ultrasonography – usually it simply and very authentically. The punktsionny method can be applied to studying weight or liquid.

Cysts usually by means of surgery are treated, at the small sizes – conservative methods at therapists with observation at surgeons. At indications to operation the removal of cysts which takes place with a favorable outcome is carried out. At polikistoza the transplantation of the liver is recommended.

You undergo diagnostics more often, it will allow to reveal possible cysts of a liver.

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