Than it is useful, and than lecithin is harmful to men, children and women

Than it is useful, and than lecithin is harmful to men, children and women

Desire to support the organism for ensuring its trouble-free operation and fast restoration pushes us to look for additional sources of nutrients and vitamins. The worthy representative of this category of substances is lecithin. But, before running in drugstore behind packing, it is necessary to understand that, what is it, and for what it is necessary.

What substance is

Lecithin is an ester, the organic zhiropodobny matter consisting of phospholipids, trigletsirid and glycolipids.

The basis of substance is formed by phospholipids as which representatives connections of holin and diglitseridfosforny acids act.

Whether you know? In translation from Latin of lecithin means an egg yolk and he is brought in 1845 just from a chicken yolk by the French chemist Théodore Nicolas Gobli.

Also as a part of a molecule there are arachidonic, olein, palmitic and stearin fatty acids.

Phospholipids as a part of substance are presented:

  • fosfatidilkholinam — up to 21%;
  • phosphatidylethanolamines — up to 20%;
  • fosfatidilserinam — up to 6%;
  • inositol - the containing phosphatides — up to 21%.

Receive substance by extraction by organic solvents from the products containing it. In a form represents small waxy products of yellow color, the organic solvents having the high level of solubility in the majority.

About advantage

For the person substance provides normal development of an organism, maintenance of his viability and performance of protective functions. The advantage of lecithin for an organism is caused by the fact that the optimum content of substances promotes receiving by cages of enough food.

Important! Systematic and simultaneous intake of lecithin with B5 vitamin helps to overcome nicotine addiction.

In a human body sixty five percent of substance contain in a liver therefore it brings the greatest benefit to this body.

Getting with food to an organism, promotes acceleration of process of biochemical transformation of fats in a liver that stimulates their subsequent use and exchange.

Learn how vitamin C influences an organism, E, A, B5, N, cod-liver oil, group B vitamins, manganese, ascorbic acid, vitamin F, selenium.

Besides a liver, lecithin well influences on:

  • the vascular system — dissolving harmful cholesterol and reducing its level, risks of developing of atherosclerosis decrease;
  • The L-carnitine as a part of phospholipids increases elasticity of cardiac muscles, interfering with their weakening leading to heart attacks;
  • diabetes warns, stimulating production of insulin with a pancreas.

The advantage of this lipid is invaluable to people of all age categories.

For children

Intake of substance in a children's organism is especially important. From the moment of the birth it takes part in formation of nervous system at the child.

Whether you know? Lecithin researches scientists proved that the amount of the substance used in the first year of life of the child will determine the volume of his memory in the future.

Stimulating brain activity, lecithin improves memory, increases concentration, reduces the level of alarm and stresses, also it helps to acquire the vitamins A, D, E and K which are taking part in formation, growth and development of body tissues.

Its such properties are especially important for small children, preschool children and school students.

For men

Influence of phospholipids on male health is big. High vital speed, stresses, improper feeding and ecology have an adverse effect on sexual function. Lecithin in this case helps to resist to negative factors, normalizes sexual functions, increases mobility of spermatozoa. Increasing sexual activity, prostatitis warns.

After achievement of 40 years of the man are in risk group to the increased formation of cholesterol in blood. Getting to an organism, substance works as solvent of cholesteric plaques and interferes with their adjournment on walls of vessels.

Important! Due to the negative impact of soy on male health the men are not recommended to accept soy lecithin.

For male athletes substance promotes increase in muscle bulk.

For women

Well influence of substance on a female body. Phospholipids help to increase resistance to stress, calm nervous system, removing irritability, differences of mood, insomnia.

The thyme, mango, cowberry, sauerkraut, pumpkin, orange are also useful to a female body.

Also, quite often lecithin is appointed for prevention of development of mastopathy, endometriosis, myoma of a uterus and relief of symptoms of a climax. It is valuable to women still the fact that accelerating exchange processes, helps to control body weight.

During pregnancy the need for a lipid increases. Its reception throughout all term of pregnancy promotes the correct formation of bodies of a fruit, and high content in breast milk will help to grow up the healthy and strong kid.

Use of lecithin

Lecithin — the natural emulsifier used for compound of immiscible liquids. This property provides to lecithin wide use in the medical, food and cosmetic industry.

Important! Substance in contact with oxygen is inclined to oxidizing reactions therefore its use in cosmetics has to be accompanied by quality preservatives.

In medicine

In medicine the lipid is an active component of many medicines-gepatoprotektorov interfering liver diseases. On the basis of its phospholipids such medicines are produced:

  • To Essentsiala (N or Forte) — the gepatoprotektor which is released for complex treatment of a liver;
  • Esliver Forte — the gepatoprotektor promoting regeneration of cells of a liver;
  • Doppelgerts an asset Lecithin — for improvement of brain activity and functions of nervous system.

The main function of these medicines is to start mechanisms of recovery of a liver.

In food

With success substance is used in the food industry. With its help receive steady emulsions when mixing oil and water. Its use is also broad:

  • for production of butter, margarine, spreads;
  • confectionery (candies, cookies, cakes);
  • bakery products (bread, rolls);
  • for preparation of dairy mixes in production and baby food;
  • in preparation of chocolate and products from chocolate.

Whether you know? Unlike human, cow's milk does not contain lecithin at all.

In the food industry it is used as E322 nutritional supplements (emulsifier) and E476 (stabilizer).

At production of cosmetics

Use of lecithin in cosmetology is based that the lipid has the expressed surface-active properties which promote penetration of active components into skin.

Attracting moisture from the external environment, substance allocates the produced cosmetics (tonics, masks, creams, etc.) with the moistening properties.

In what products contains

In the environment of a letsitina are present at all fabrics and liquids of vegetable and animal organisms.

It is stated above that lecithin is a natural substance. Let's specify in what food of animal and plant origin it contains:

  • chicken yolk;
  • to fish roe;
  • soy oil;
  • cottonseed oil;
  • meat and fish;
  • chicken and beef liver;
  • cereal and bean;
  • nuts and sunflower seeds.

Avocado belongs to overseas products with its maximum quantity.

Whether you know? Thickness of an egg shell has direct dependence on age of a layer. Than chicken is more senior, that egg is larger, and the shell is thinner.

Use of lecithin in the form of medicines

Forms of production of medicine in medicine are various and are in the different price ranges. Forms are presented by such options:

  • gelatin capsules — double inclusion in meal time (in the morning and in the evening) in day is made;
  • tablets — are also intended for reception 2 times a day at meal time;
  • granules — reception is carried out on 2-3 teaspoons 3 times a day;
  • gels (for children) — reception of 2 measured spoons (20 grams) 2 times a day at meal time;
  • solutions (liquids) — are added to liquid dishes on 1 teaspoon 3 times a day (for the smallest on a quarter of a teaspoon).

Each of these forms is convenient in application taking into account age and vital (and financial) circumstances. By the way, medicine price quite available. The minimum course of intake of medicine is calculated for 1 month.

Harm and contraindications

Lecithin (in particular soy) — an organic product, but besides advantage can do also harm to an organism. Therefore there are some restrictions in use of such medicines.

So, reception in the presence of diseases is not recommended:

  • pancreatitis;
  • cholecystitis;
  • cholelithiasis.

At the wrong and excessive reception there can be overdose symptoms:

  • headache;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • diarrhea.

Despite naturalness of origin, at some people the hypersensibility to this substance can be observed.

Important! Lecithin is inclined to suppress an endocrine system therefore its application in the first trimester of pregnancy is not recommended.

Lecithin — substance of natural origin, having beneficial influence on all organism. Include medicines of lecithin or products rich with it in the diet — and God bless you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team