Than mint is useful?"

Than mint is useful?"

In traditional medicine a huge number of different herbs is used, but not all from them are useful so that they are used by medicine official. One of the most known and at the same time useful plants is mint.

And volume as it affects health, it will be told about this fragrant grass in this article.

Photo and description

Mint — very fragrant plant which thanks to the curative properties is everywhere applied in medicine.

Structure and caloric content of mint

The power value of mint is 70 kcal on 100 g. The plant contains such quantity of basic elements:

  • proteins — 3.75 g;
  • fats — 0.94 g;
  • carbohydrates — 6.89 g.

In addition, in structure there are following substances:

  • NZhK — 0.246 g;
  • water — 86.65 g;
  • ashes — 1.76 g;
  • food fibers — 8 g;
  • RR vitamin — 1.706 mg;
  • acetsilt acid — 31.8 mg;
  • group B vitamins — 0.82 mg;
  • vitamin A — 212 mkg;
  • manganese — 1.176 mg;
  • zinc — 1.11 mg;
  • copper — 329 mg;
  • iron — 5.08 mg;
  • potassium — 569 mg;
  • phosphorus — 73 mg;
  • potassium — 569 mg;
  • calcium — 243 mg;
  • sodium — 31 mg;
  • magnesium — 80 mg.

Advantage for an organism

The advantage of mint for health consists in its unique structure: at it there are many vitamins and elements which the person for maintenance of health needs. Let's consider than and in what cases the peppermint is useful to an organism of people.

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Mint contains a large amount of useful substances which favorably influence an organism. However influence of this fragrant grass on the stronger sex needs to be considered individually. It is considered that mint has negative effect on male potency. Today opinions of many scientists are on this matter ambiguous: some are sure of harm of this plant, and others consider that the use in small amounts will do good to a male body. Let's consider what benefit the mint use can bring:

  • improvement of work of a GIT;
  • normalization of the general condition of digestive system;
  • improvements of a condition of nervous system;
  • strengthening of immunity;
  • beneficial influence on a condition of integuments, in particular decrease in level of perspiration foot.

Knowing about advantage and possible harm of a fragrant plant, everyone for himself solves, to use this grass or not.

Important! Fans of natural mint drinks are recommended to remember the weakening effect of this plant which promote easing of attention and decrease in reaction that is important during driving driving.


Useful qualities of mint for women are also caused by presence at structure of biologically active connections. Menthol which is emitted from mint in the form of essential oil is considered the most important. Most often do mint tea which possesses not only pleasant taste, but also advantage of this fragrant grass. This drink helps to solve a number of the following women's issues:

  • to remove pain during monthly;
  • to minimize climax symptoms;
  • treatment of inflammatory processes in bodies of a small pelvis;
  • to remove extra kilos;
  • to overcome insomnia;
  • to save from headaches;
  • to reduce the excess growth of hair on a body.

In addition, teas from mint and other means on the basis of this plant render beneficial effects on appearance. Tonics, lotions and masks help skin:

  • to remove irritation;
  • to refresh;
  • to normalize functions of sebaceous glands;
  • to eliminate a greasy luster;
  • to smooth wrinkles;
  • to minimize age witherings of skin.

Whether you know? Extract of mint is present at structures of a large number of pharmaceutical means which appoint at heart troubles, frustration in work of nervous system and symptoms of a SARS.

Than mint in tea is useful

Let's consider, than mint both is useful to women, and to men if to add it to different teas or to supplement with additives.


Black tea has useful properties and well influences work of nervous system. Mint at addition in black tea enhances all its qualities. Black tea with mint tones up and cleans an organism from bad cholesterol. After the use of a cup of drink the headache decreases and fatigue leaves. Also black tea with mint strengthens immunity, is strong antioxidant.


Green tea contains about 500 various elements and a large amount of organic compounds. Many of them give to an organism inflow of forces and add cheerfulness. Theine as a part of drink stirs up physical and mental activity.

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In this case addition of mint will make drink easier, at the same time having saturated an organism with a large amount of useful substances. Such tea is recommended for the night to weaken an organism and to allow easy to fall asleep.

With additives (lemon, imbiryom, honey)

Any additives which will be added to the drink made on the basis of mint will only bring additional benefit as a lemon, ginger and honey strengthen immunity. Also by means of these products treat cold without intake of medications if to begin to use them right after emergence of the first symptoms.

Medical drinks

Besides addition of fresh leaves in drinks, still do different medicines of mint. Let's consider what benefit they will bring to an organism and whether there can be a harm from them.

Infusion and tincture

Mint tincture has many spheres of use thanks to the curative qualities. Besides the medical purposes it is used also in cosmetology.

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Tincture is applied in such cases:

  • strong emotional shock;
  • problems with a bilious puzyryom;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • inflammation of mucous membranes;
  • migraine and neuralgia.

Inside accept no more than 10 drops which part in ¼ glasses of water. It is necessary to drink it no more than 3 times in 30 minutes prior to food. It is possible to buy peppermint tincture in drugstore already in a ready state or to make it independently. For preparation of infusion or tincture it is necessary to prepare leaves previously. It is necessary to carry out collecting during blossoming. Do the following means of the dried-up leaves:

  1. Spirit tincture. It is cooked from 50 g of leaflets and 250 ml of alcohol. Components need to be connected and insisted in the dark place for 14 days. After this term it is necessary to filter and take tincture inside on 30 drops.
  2. Water infusion. In 500 ml of water to pour out 10 g of leaves. To put on fire and to boil 15 minutes. Then to leave before full cooling and to filter. To accept infusion on 1 glass once a day.

At observance of a dosage and lack of contraindications these medicines will bring only benefit.

Video: How to make mint tincture

Mint broth

Broth, unlike infusion, has high concentration of useful substances and is applied in need of rendering deep impact on an organism. With its help it is possible to help with treatment of many diseases and also to solve some cosmetic problems.

For preparation of broth it is necessary to fill in 1 tablespoon of mint with 500 ml of water, to boil for 10 minutes, then it is recommended to insist even 15 minutes in the closed capacity. Before the use filter. Use the received structure on a half of a glass three times a day.

Whether it is possible to drink when planning pregnancy

Physicians when planning pregnancy recommend to exclude completely from a diet mint in any kind. This caution is caused by presence of menthol which suppresses action of gonadotropny activity in a gipotalamo-hypophysial system, and thus, lowers effect of the hormones important for full conception.

At the same time mint normalizes work of a GIT, strengthens immunity and nervous system that affects a condition of all organism positively. Proceeding from it, each woman should solve personally, to use her mint or not.

Mint for pregnant women

Many who know about properties of mint often have a question: whether it is possible to have tea from this plant during incubation of the kid? Let's consider whether this drink is suitable for pregnant women and what features of the use depending on term.

On early terms

At the beginning of pregnancy the peppermint helps from toxicosis which is shown in the form of morning nausea. As it is soft anesthetic, there is an easy impact on mucous a stomach. It is possible to apply the following means to simplification of an unpleasant state:

  1. Cool tea. It is used before food.
  2. Warm broth. It is possible not only drink, but also to use for simple rinsing.
  3. Fresh leaf. It is pounded between fingers and inhale aroma.

Contraindications are absent if there are no individual restrictions. With the permission of the doctor it is possible to enjoy favourite drink which will help to solve some problems with an organism.

Important! Drinks can be cooked not only from fresh or dry leaflets, but also from pharmaceutical mint which is packaged in convenient tea bags.

On late terms

For pregnant women on the 2nd trimester mint helps at heavy feelings with a stomach and also at swelling and diarrhea. To reduce these unpleasant feelings, it is enough to add several fresh leaves of this fragrant plant to salad or other dish which does not give in to heat treatment. At this time the use of mint is allowed in such cases:

  1. At appearance of an itch on a stomach as a result of severe stretching of skin, and standing, because of problems in work of a gall bladder.
  2. During fear and alarm. And as is well-known, these feelings often accompany the woman practically on all the pregnancy period.

When the term of pregnancy reaches the 3rd trimester, it is better to refuse mint as the relaxation received from this plant can cause premature birth.

Mint when breastfeeding

Depending on a look, mint differently influences a lactation. Substances from mint mother, peppery after the use, will surely get to an organism of the kid and will make negative impact in the form of lowering of blood pressure.

Besides menthol when feeding the baby can cause violation of a warm rhythm and even to lead to cardiac arrest. In addition, at menthol there is an estrogen which suppresses testosterone, therefore, it is undesirable to feed the boy with such milk. However, despite minuses, tea with two leaflets of mint is useful when feeding by a breast as it causes inflow of milk that is relevant at an unstable lactation. Curly mint, unlike the previous look, is absolutely harmless to the feeding mother. Presence at structure of this type of mint of carvon instead of menthol does it useful at GV as stimulates a lactation. However it is always necessary to watch a condition of the kid during feeding, and at emergence of any unpleasant feelings it is recommended to stop consumption of any drinks on the basis of mint at once.

What treats and whether it is possible to drink mint

Thanks to huge amount of useful substances in structure mint tea is applied at treatment of many diseases. Let's consider what mint treats for and as it is correctly necessary to take these curative drinks.

Whether you know? The family to which mint belongs includes also rosemary, a basil, a valerian and a marjoram.

At cold

Mint tea is a fine means for strengthening of natural immunity during catarrhal diseases. At cough fragrant drink to which it is possible to add honey is capable to remove inflammation of mucous membranes and to facilitate breath.

At monthly

The drink made on the basis of mint not only has pleasant aroma, but also will help to lower pain and to remove other problems arising at this time. Disposal of pain happens thanks to presence at menthol mint — one of the main components which has high spazmolitichesky qualities. For obtaining desirable effect 2 times a day are enough to drink 1 cup of mint tea.

With a pressure

People who suffer from the increased arterial blood pressure also need mint tea. Especially it is relevant in hot weather. The popularity is caused by vasodilating effect thanks to which pressure decreases. It is important to understand that such drink is forbidden hypotensive persons, it can be used only at elevated pressure. Drink is cooked from 10 g of leaves (dry or fresh) by which fill in 250 ml of boiled water. After 15 minutes of insisting it is ready to the use. With a high pressure it is authorized to drink up to 3 cups of such drink a day.

At problems with a stomach

For treatment of illnesses of a GIT most often use structures on the basis of a peppermint. Besides essential oil, its leaves contain a large amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are useful at the increased acidity of a stomach. By means of these substances there is a removal of spasms and reduction of gripes and also the appetite increases and there is an anti-inflammatory effect. Most often the peppermint is applied to treatment:

  • gastritis;
  • duodenit;
  • gastroenterokolit;
  • ulcers.

Drink is cooked as well as at other problems with digestive tract (about it it will be told below). Reception which is recommended by doctors — 3 glasses a day.

At locks

Thanks to the weakening qualities such tea drunk before going to bed will promote relaxation of intestines and as result, to a solution the next morning, without use of medications.

At heartburn

Doctors do not recommend to use mint at heartburn in spite of the fact that it helps at stomach spasms and also nausea and vomiting. This plant stimulates emergence of appetite and, respectively, production of gastric juice. All this leads to strengthening of work of glands of a stomach, so, will even more provoke manifestation of heartburn.

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At a diarrhea

Thanks to the structure, tea on the basis of mint allows to cope with gastrointestinal diseases which are followed by a meteorizm, spasms and a chair with an unpleasant smell. Most often after the use already of 1 glass of tea there is a disposal of the majority of unpleasant symptoms. Drink is cooked from 20 g of leaves of a plant which fill in 250 ml of boiled water. Insist in the closed capacity for 10 minutes, and then use. Within 1 day it is authorized to drink up to 3 glasses.

From insomnia

The advantage of mint tea is known long ago, and people take many centuries this drink before going to bed. This tea will make rest quiet and long due to sedative effect thanks to which the organism relaxes and calms down, tension which collected in a day leaves.

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For preparation of drink of 20 g of leaves fill in 500 ml of boiled water. Insist on an extent of 5 hours, and after filtering use on a half of a glass before going to bed.

Harm and contraindications

Mint, as well as other curative plants, has a number of contraindications which need to be known not to do much harm to health. Negative properties can be shown by the following signs:

  • itch and skin rashes;
  • breath violation;
  • nausea or vomiting;
  • spasm of bronchial tubes;
  • skin reddening;
  • severe headache.

Not to allow it, it is necessary to know about the known contraindications:

  • individual intolerance;
  • low arterial blood pressure.

In addition, it is recommended to minimize a dosage during pregnancy and a lactation. Besides the regular use of hard mint liquors can lead to less active production of men's hormones.

So, now you know about all useful qualities of mint and with ease will be able to use it in various cases. The main thing is to follow all rules of its use and not to use it in the presence of contraindications.

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