How quickly to tighten buttocks

How quickly to tighten buttocks

The accurate tightened buttocks create the beautiful silhouette and allow the owner to look perfectly both in bikini, and in skinny jeans or the tight skirt. To improve the forms quite perhaps – it is only necessary to pay to this part of the body special attention. Include in the weekly complex of exercise, intended for buttocks and the back surface of the hip, be engaged on exercise machines and you go on foot more – results won't keep themselves waiting long.

It is required to you

  • - step platform;
  • - stepper, racetrack or exercise bike;
  • - dumbbells.


1. Make the program of occupations calculated for 8 weeks. Having correctly distributed loadings, for this term you will be able to increase muscle bulk, to burn surplus of fat and to tighten skin, having achieved bigger elasticity and beautiful outlines of buttocks. Trainings have to continue 30-50 minutes from which cardiopreparation will take 10-20 minutes, and the rest of the time should be found for the power loadings, exercises directed to work with gluteuses and the extension. Be engaged three times a week every other day.

2. Begin with cardio-warm-up. Choose any suitable exercise machine – the inclined ladder, the mini-stepper, the racetrack or the exercise bike. If no suitable mechanisms at your disposal are available, use the step platform or perform simple exercises from the aerobics complex. At this stage you will prepare the organism for power loading. Besides, intensive cardio-loadings well burn calories and promote fast weight loss in problem zones.

3. Having finished warm-up, do several exercises tightening buttocks and muscles of the back surface of the hip. Get up on all fours, resting elbows and knees against the floor. Hang the head and raise the right leg, having delayed the sock on themselves. You hold the leg directly, don't bend the back. Be late in such situation. At the correct performance of exercise you will feel tension in buttocks. Repeat 6-10 times for each leg.

4. Sit down on the floor, having extended legs and having delayed socks on itself. Move forward on buttocks, without helping themselves hands. For a start make several such "steps", over time increase the distance. Move ahead both forward, and back. This exercise perfectly strengthens back muscles of hips.

5. Pick up dumbbells weighing 3-6 kilograms. Get up directly, put legs on width of shoulders and slightly bend them in knees. Extend hands with dumbbells along hips. Cramp shovels and strain the press. Slowly bend forward, straining muscles of hips and buttocks. Also slowly, with effort become straight. Repeat exercise of 6-10 times in two steps.

6. At the end of the training be engaged in the extension of muscles. Put legs on width of shoulders, rise on toes and slowly sit down, widely parting knees and straining muscles of buttocks. Lunge deep one leg and several times sit down, touching by the knee of the extended floor leg. Lay down on the stomach, lift the case on straight arms, bend legs in knees and try to touch the stupnyama back. Perform exercise on the exhalation, being late in each pose for 30 seconds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team