Vitamin U (Methionine)

Vitamin U (Methionine)

vitamin one of the most, so to speak, unpopular and unknown vitamins. At best someone will remember about cabbage or an ulcer, and this name will not tell someone in general about anything. Well, vitamin and vitamin. But today we will try to open all secrets of this substance, we will tell, what is it and what it is eaten with.

So, U or S-vitamin methylmethionine is vitaminopodobny substance as its many consider as crystal amino acid. This vitamin was discovered by the American scientist Chiney in the middle of the twentieth century. In usual cabbage juice it revealed substance which can cure stomach ulcer. From here also the name of this vitamin went: from armor. ulcus is an ulcer. Absolutely vitamin U is not irreplaceable substance, we will be able to live without it, but everything will be hardly as this vitamin brings considerable benefit to our stomach which already suffers from fried food, sweet candies, fast food, chips and other harmful vkusnyashka.

What products contain vitamin U? First of all, It is necessary to tell that this vitamin not a rarity. It most often comes to our organism with food of plant origin. As we already wrote above, cabbage is rich with this vitamin. Also it contains in greens, for example, in a celery and onions, in vegetables (with it carrots, beet, tomatoes, turnip, potatoes), in fruit (in bananas are rich). If to speak about food of animal origin, then vitamin U contains in milk, a liver, yolks (crude). If you do not want to lose this vitamin, then it should be taken into account rules of preparation of products. For example, when cooking 15 minutes, vitamin practically does not collapse, and here if you cook a dish of minutes 30-40, then, alas, no you will find a trace from U there. By the way, if you have problems with digestive tract, then note good old means – boiled beet which is rich with vitamin U.

As for standard daily rate to calculate it with some difficulty as we almost every day eat vegetables, so, we are saturated with vitamin U. On average the person needs about 150 - 250 mg a day. If you have problems with a stomach, then it is worth increasing this dosage.

How does vitamin U interact with others to vitamins?

This vitamin is rather quiet and loyal in relation to other substances, he does not stir up their activity and does not worsen assimilation. Also work, to be exact other substances do not affect this vitamin in any way. The only thing that is necessary for vitamin U - it is acidic environment. So at the lowered acidity of a stomach, digestion of this vitamin worsens.

Than vitamin U is useful?

  • Dangerous connection is removed

Vitamin U is the true defender of our organism. As soon as this vitamin meets alien connection then it deals shortly with him on the way. Besides, methylmethionine is a participant of one more process – developments of a bilogicheska of active agents.

  • And there is no trace left

Vitamin U possesses the healing action, it is practically a plantain for walls of our stomach and intestines. Ulcers arise for various reasons, but one substance which is always emitted at inflammations is known - it is a histamine. Because of it the stomach so strongly begins to be ill and bulk up. Vitamin U tries to protect us from so unwanted guest and neutralizes it.

  • The acidity is normal

At first it is a little about such phenomenon as acidity of a stomach. The acidity in our stomach is necessary for us in order that food could be digested, but at the same time walls of a stomach were not damaged. And so, this vitamin helps our stomach to support her normal. If the acidity decreases, then vitamin will increase it and vice versa. Such here traffic controller.

  • Tell me what you eat …

Who, unfortunately, only does not like to eat presently something fried, fat, absolutely unhealthy? Almost everything, the McDonald's and other institutions from the same series literally teem with people. If you only come very late at night and that not the fact that you will meet nobody. And sweet … mm, too favourite food. And nevertheless all these delights do not bring to good. Such food leads literally to the whole warehouse of cholesterol on walls of vessels and in our liver. All this leads to formation of atherosclerosis, the liver begins to become covered by fat deposits. But here vitamin U which fights for each millimeter of our liver and vessels comes to the rescue, protecting them from damages.

  • Farewell, depression!

Scientists found out that this vitamin perfectly copes I depressions and melancholy. Especially often it happens without the reason. Though, well, you will think, the rain goes the whole day, will think, chocolate reached a limit. All these trifles, in fact, should not influence so us, but we become despondent. The cause is there can be a cholesterol as it affects our health. But also here vitamin U will help you as it controls cholesterol level. Therefore if you were attacked by melancholy again, then just eat some vegetable, and will feel better you.

And if there is not enough vitamin U in an organism?

It can arise in case the person long time did not eat some vegetables and greens. In this case it increases acidity of gastric juice, and it is fraught with damage of walls of the stomach and even intestines. And ulcers begin to blossom on them. Not really pleasant prospect, isn't it?

And if there is a lot of vitamin U in an organism?

It cannot occur as this vitamin is water-soluble, it is quickly spent, and its surplus is removed by kidneys. So safely eat vegetables and greens! Also is desirable more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team