We choose a bra. What it is dangerous push-ap by?

We choose a bra. What it is dangerous push-ap by?

is important when choosing a bra?

  1. Size.

The bra should not squeeze and rub a breast. It should not leave marks on a body, hinder breath or the movements. Therefore during fitting it is recommended to do active movements by hands – inclinations, pandiculations, moves hands. During these movements there should not be a discomfort. If during fitting the bra is behind lifted too highly, it means to you small. Ask other option for the seller. A back part of a bra has to be located on a back strictly horizontally.

Also the brassiere should not dangle. During fitting button it on a hook which is closer to edge. Eventually all bras stretch. If you are guided during fitting by the most distant fastener – over time the bra can be for you big.

  1. Material.

Mother and the grandmother for certain said to you that it is worth choosing a bra from cotton. And only from cotton!

Today in production of bras also other high-quality materials which surpass cotton in some parameters are used. For example, bras from a kulmaks. This material twice better takes away moisture and provides good ventilation. Other good stuff – wound. It is made of the modified fibers of cellulose and much better than cotton keeps elasticity. Also wound very nice on the touch. Elastane stretches much better, than other materials. Most often do bras for pregnant ladies of it.

  1. Fashion. Push-apostle.

In recent years the popularity push-ap bras grows. They are equipped with special inserts in cups which raise a breast and do it more volume and seductive. The stronger the popularity of push-ap grows, the more complaints sound in their party. For example, push-ap accuse that they cause breast microinjuries, and sometimes even become the cause of mastopathy. The bra should not squeeze a breast, and raise it. Also best of all than everything not to carry a push-apa every day and to alternate them to usual brassieres.

You do not wear daily bras without shoulder-straps – they support a breast insufficiently, and all its weight is the share of side parts of a bra which can squeeze lymph nodes.

If you gather for a holiday, and your dress bares not only shoulders, but also a back, you need an invisible bra. These are two cups from fabric or silicone which are pasted to skin. Due to lack of shoulder-straps and a fastener, it is imperceptible even under the most open dress. But these bras have one shortcoming – restriction on the size. They are not released more than size D.

  1. Curvy shapes

The big bust demands more careful selection of a bra. Wide and dense in it have to be both shoulder-straps, and a corset part. It will optimum distribute loading, without overloading a backbone and shoulders.

Most often owners of a magnificent breast face an intertrigo and irritation under a breast. The breathing bra and clever models capable to cool a breast will cope with it. At the expense of special microcapsules the optimum temperature of a breast is maintained. On the contrary, during cold such bras perfectly keep heat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team