Why people gnaw nails?

Why people gnaw nails?

To gnaw nails - not only a harmful, but also dangerous habit which is peculiar not only to children, but also adults. Oddly enough, this habit are subject to a thicket, at early age, girls, but among adults - men. According to psychologists, the habit to gnaw nails begins to be shown in the conditions of excessive nervousness and irritability.

Why it is dangerous to gnaw nails?

First, the appearance of nail plates worsens. If the person is engaged in it since the childhood or for several years, then it is possible to spoil nails finally and hopelessly: they gain irregular shape - can be short and wide. Women, unlike men, can correct such shortcoming by means of nail extension.

Secondly, people who gnaw nails can get sick with various infectious diseases as the majority of microbes and activators get to an organism with dirty hands, and as is well-known, their biggest congestion is under nails. In addition, at an obgryzaniye of nails the skin on fingers is often injured, microcracks with wounds through which infections and microbes also get are formed.

Why adults gnaw nails?

Onikhofagiya (habit to gnaw nails) meets rather often. Statistically, every 11th person is subject to this disease. Yes, to a disease as the last researches in this area say that onikhofag - mentally sick people, but a gryzeniye of nails not an etiology, and its manifestation and the investigation.

If to be up to the end frank, then it is impossible to tell about the reasons of an onikhofagiya unambiguously. There are several hypotheses of its emergence, but no more than that. Psychologists allocate several main possible reasons:

  • excessive nervousness;
  • discontent with (literally, ""samoyedeniye"") when the organism switches the person from emotion to action;
  • suppression of manifestation of emotions;
  • the increased uneasiness.

How to get rid of this problem?

Refusing such habit it is worth to remember about the psychological reasons of its emergence. For a start it is necessary to analyze the behavior. At this stage it is very important to understand under what circumstances there is a wish to gnaw nails and to try to record this moment in consciousness. Further it is possible to resort to very popular and effective method. Every time when there is desire to gnaw nails, it is necessary to click on a wrist the elastic band which is previously put on him (the ordinary rubber band will approach). The essence of this method is well-known thanks to Pavlov's dog, that is, thus we develop a conditioned reflex: desire to gnaw - pain.

One more effective method - processing of nails special varnish or not bad option for men - special manicure which can be made practically in any salon. And nails will be beautiful and it is possible to get rid of a habit as they will find bitterish taste.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team