How to cook gerkulesovy porridge for children

How to cook gerkulesovy porridge for children

Not for nothing porridge was called in honor of the strong and brave hero of Hercules. One of the main properties of this excessively useful dish is that it gives force and loads with energy for long time. And still very richly various vitamins and minerals. Gerkulesovy porridge is useful to both children, and adults – it for a long time gives sense of fulness, but at the same time does not create weight in a stomach. At the regular use, porridge improves digestion and work of digestive tract in general and also the general condition of an organism.

It is required to you

  • - gerkulesovy flakes - 1 glass
  • - milk - 2 glasses
  • - water - 1 glass
  • - butter
  • - salt
  • - sugar


1. Take gerkulesovy flakes and attentively touch them – it is necessary to eliminate parts of foreign garbage and also a grain peel.

2. Fill in water and milk in a pan. Milk can and be not diluted with water – in this case porridge usually turns out more saturated taste. Boil water and milk. Add salt and sugar to taste.

3. As soon as liquid in a pan begins to boil, add grain and reduce fire. You cook constantly stirring slowly that it did not burn.

4. How many on time to cook porridge – it is possible to measure by eye – as soon as you see that all liquid was evaporated, and grain considerably increased in sizes and more dense, so porridge became almost ready. Usually time of cooking of Herculean porridge is 10-15 minutes. Shift porridge in a plate which then cover or other plate.

5. Let's infuse to porridge within 15 minutes. Then uncover, add a spoon of butter and porridge is ready!

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