What is the shortage of vitamin D dangerous by?

What is the shortage of vitamin D dangerous by?

Consumption of minerals, vital to the person, with approach of winter is significantly reduced. Also it is connected not only with reduction in a diet of a share of fresh fruit and vegetables, but also with decrease in intensity of sunshine under the influence of which vitamin D is produced.

What leads deficiency of this microcell to how to restore its contents in an organism to normal level, read in our article.

For what vitamin D is necessary

This biologically active agent controls normal development of bone tissues. It regulates exchange in an organism of phosphorus, calcium, promoting accumulation of the last in bones; is responsible for the organism resilience to dermatological, heart diseases and even reduces risk of development of cancer tumors as supports the processes of reproduction of cages.

This microcell:

  • helps to strengthen muscle fibers, including a myocardium;
  • participates in regulation of arterial blood pressure;
  • influences work of a thyroid gland (normalizes the level of insulin and glucose in blood) and also the haematogenic processes.

Besides, the calcium regulated by vitamin D participates in transfer of nervous impulses, that is influence on functions of the central nervous system is available.

Reason and symptoms of shortage

The main cause of hypovitaminosis of D – insufficient consumption of sunshine. For example, too hypochondriac people because of fear of cancer of skin avoid stay in the sun, and the deficiency of vitamin D can be caused in women by use of sunblock creams.

Important! The intensity of UF of radiation sufficient for synthesis of vitamin D in skin fabric, falls on midday time, from 11:00 till 14:00.

Besides, hypovitaminosis of D can develop at unbalanced food. At old men the vitamin deficiency arises owing to dysfunction of kidneys which lose the ability to acquire this microcell. Also there is a number of the diseases of intestines (granulematozny enteritis, cystous fibrosis and a gluten enteropatiya) worsening its ability to soak up vitamin D.

Learn about advantage for an organism of such minerals as manganese, iodine, selenium, fluorine, chlorine, chrome.

The factors provoking development of hypovitaminosis of D it is possible to call still:

  • obesity;
  • fructification and lactation;
  • swarthiness of skin;
  • diseases of kidneys and liver;
  • use of the medicines reducing acidity of gastric juice;
  • vegetarianism.

Symptoms of shortage of vitamin D at adults depend on features of an organism and also on the size of shortage of a microcell. At an initial stage the deficiency neither at children, nor does not find itself in adults in any way. Over time the symptomatology becomes more expressed and is shown in a look:

  • softenings of bone tissues;
  • caries;
  • insomnias;
  • losses of appetite and weight;
  • burnings in a mouth and a throat;
  • deteriorations in sight;
  • perspiration of the head;
  • general weakness.

Whether you know? D – it is not one, but group of similar minerals: from D1 to D6; but for treatment use only D2 and D3 as they are well studied.

Symptoms of shortage of vitamin D at the child:

  • softening and thinning of bones of a skull;
  • increase in frontal and parietal hillocks;
  • decrease in a muscular tone;
  • consolidations on edges;
  • late teething and their deformation;
  • significant delay of the general growth;
  • articulate pains and deformation of bones;
  • spasms.


Hypovitaminosis of D at adults can lead to such complications as:

  • osteoporosis;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • type 2 diabetes;
  • arthritis;
  • depression.

Besides, cholecalciferol and ergocalciferol are appointed at treatment of malignant tumors, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, caries and at the increased arterial blood pressure at pregnant women.

The deficiency of vitamin D at children can lead to development of rickets.

Treatment, products for vitamin D completion

Main sources of vitamin D:

  • autosintez in epidermis under the influence of UF of beams;
  • food rich with this mineral.

However, the second source not so considerable therefore pro-vitamin B self-reproduction an integument and its transformation under the influence of sunshine into D3 cholecalciferol which then with blood comes to a liver and other internals remains the main factor. At detection of symptoms of deficiency of vitamin D at adults or children the complex therapy including is appointed:

  • intake of vitamin-containing medicines;
  • solar bathtubs;

Whether you know? The Japanese scientists established that at visit of sunbeds vitamin D is produced only at people more young than 25 years, and in very small quantities.

  • treatment of pathologies of the internals which are slowing down synthesis or assimilation of this biologically active agent;
  • the medical diet based on the products rich with this microcell.

To the products rich with cholecalciferol and ergocalciferol, belong: cod-liver oil and sea fish of fat breeds, fish caviar, fish and beef liver, dairy and fermented milk products, especially hard cheese and also egg yolk and corn oil. Solar bathtubs are the main prophylactic against hypovitaminosis of D.

Traditional medicine

From the folk remedies increasing vitamin D content in an organism it is necessary to allocate parsley, a nettle, a lucerne and greens of a dandelion. Fresh they are added to salads or to smoothie, and from a dried nettle, a dandelion, a lucerne and also a horsetail it is possible to make herbal tea. Oats decoctions and a potato peel are still very useful. From national bioactive additives usual yeast perfectly fills shortage of a microcell of D.

Important! The overdose of vitamin D is worse than its deficiency. So, at children the surplus of a microcell can lead to irreversible consequences, in particular, in work of kidneys. Therefore before application surely consult with the pediatrician.

Now, when you know to what consequences can lead avoiding of sunshine and also some diseases and age changes, you in a new way will look at daily walks outdoors and, perhaps, reconsider the diet. Active lifestyle and healthy nutrition are much cheaper than treatment of the complications caused by hypovitaminosis.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team