10 house and garden accessories from concrete the hands

10 house and garden accessories from concrete the hands

From concrete it is possible to create remarkable home decoration. The rough invoice of concrete is well combined by color accents and looks is very modern in the noble simplicity. 10 ideas of accessories from concrete with the short description bring to your attention.

It is required to you

  • Cement and quartz sand in equal quantities.
  • Water should be added so much that the mass of consistence of pudding has turned out.


1. Stool with concrete seat. Rough sharmchtoba to make such stool, we pour concrete in bucket or basin from plastic. Previously in capacity it is necessary to lay dense polyethylene. We implant round wooden legs into concrete and we leave before full hardening. Having pulled for edges of polyethylene, we take ready stool.

2. Old znakomyepo to smaller measure, at the second look we learn the idea of these vases - its origin lies on the shelf with drinks. Concrete is poured in bottles from under water or juice. In bottle it is necessary to insert plastic tube (e.g., for sanitary works). Ready vases can be painted by means of spray paint, having created color accents or having covered evenly on all area of subject.

3. The support for the pryanosteyet the massive concrete support calculated on your 4 favourite spices steadily costs on table-top and will not fall, even when you prepare in a hurry. We apply on covers of spices with inscription marker.

4. On dverpestry beads are also made by Maxi beads of concrete and wood in house conditions. Concrete has been poured in silicone molds for pastries (e.g. for the pop-keyksov) in the form of hemispheres, and then beads have just stuck together and have painted. Looks very lovely when such balls are stuck together from halves of different flowers.

5. Block for nozheystilny subject in kitchen: on its smooth parties the characteristic concrete structure appears. The block is poured out in plastic form. In deepening of the block - wooden skewers, as for shish kebab which strongly hold knives. To make such deepening - at underpouring it is necessary to put in form, for example, pack of scalded coffee which is taken out after concrete drying.

6. The vase from probirkamichtoba to make such vase, it is enough to cut off the lower part from box from under milk, to fill in concrete and to insert several glass test tubes. The original vase is ready!

7. Elegant kashpomalenky works of art - cachepots from concrete which are obliged by the form to salad bowl. For production of such cachepots it is necessary to make suitable form. As material cardboard from paper dairy bag will be suitable for such form, but here it is necessary to include the skills of modeling.

8. The minimalist lamp with halogen lamp in industrial stileglavny highlight of this lamp - socle from concrete. The socle can be made by means of plastic packing, for example, from sour cream, having made in it opening under wire with cartridge for lamp.

9. Concrete zhuravlikizhuravlik perfectly fit into modern lighting. They consist of paper and become covered by thin concrete layer. Air kolykhat them, creating magic shadow play on table and wall.

10. Concrete candlesticks-podushkidlya of that to make such candlesticks, we need to make square bags. We cut out 2 squares from paper, we paste by means of adhesive tape to them polyethylene and we form thus square bag which on three parties we glue with adhesive tape. We pour concrete, we stick with adhesive tape from the remained party. We press candle over such small pillow and we leave to dry. After concrete hardens, it is possible to remove candle and to cut package. The candlestick is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team